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Strategically plan for your brand, gain clarity, focus and get an ongoing support to move your business forward.


My tailored Brand Mentorship Programme is for you if…

You’re in the early stages of your brand development and you’re unsure of the direction to take.
You’re up-levelling, and want a branding expert to guide you towards the right direction.
You’re changing direction and need help developing a new brand vision.


What we’ll cover

I have an extensive strategic and creative expertise spanning business, marketing, branding, web design and photography gained through higher education in media, marketing and business + running my own creative ventures for over 7 years, attending growth acceleration programmes and working with over 100 brands.

My brand mentorship programme covers all of the below:



  • Brand Identity
    (credibility, strengths, who you are, story, vision, mission, message, beliefs, values, voice, essence, USP, positioning)

  • Customer Avatar
    (creating detailed customer profiles, understanding needs, wants and desires)

  • Product Range
    (defining value, selling points, features, benefits, packages, pricing and how to preset it in a way that sells)

  • Customer Journey
    (mapping out a step-by-step process of working with you, selecting the right online tools and systems)



  • Photo-Shoot Planning
    (creating a detailed brand photo-shoot plan, advice on locations, props, outfits, storyline and more)

  • Brand Design Planning
    (brand vision moodboard creation, advice on anything from naming, through style and more)

  • Website Design Planning
    (creating a complete website structure, planning content for each page, advice on best practices)

  • Brand Marketing Planning
    (creating a visually driven strategy for social media, email and blog + keyword research, SEO and more)



The complete strategic Brand Plan and a full Creative Brief.
This can be handed over to any brand designer or marketing professional for implementation. You can choose to work with us on the implementation, but there is no obligation. The outcomes that we’ll produce during our time together will be of an immense value to any brand designer and marketing professional or you can even choose to implement it all by yourself, if you feel that you have the time and the right skills.


How it works

Brand Mentorship is an ongoing relationship between you and me to help you move forward with your brand planning. This programme will provide you with a mix of self-reflective assignments, 1:1 private mentorship, online community hub and an ongoing accountability to help you define, create and grow a brilliant brand.


For those on my Digital Brand Mentorship Programme

You’ll receive my signature self-reflective Define Your Brand Process with assignments that cover all the above to assist you in making a real progress during our time together.

You’ll also receive my Brand Toolkit Checklist to assess where you are with your creative brand assets.

You’ll get access to our online Mastermind Hub #BeVisuable where you’ll meet all our members, participate in weekly branding assignments and be held accountable.

You’ll have the chance to book a private Brand Audit Call at month 3 and month 6 to assess your progress.


For those on my Private Brand Mentorship Programme

We’ll dive deep into your chosen areas and work together to develop your brand exactly where we both feel it needs the attention most.

I’ll be leading you through each session, whilst developing tangible results for your brand.

At the end, we’ll agree on 3 action steps for you and I’ll send you my written report with session outcomes.

As my private 1:1 brand mentee, I’ll be looking out for you in our online mastermind community Hub #BeVisuable and sending you my suggestions whenever ideas for your brand spring to my mind.



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So what exactly are the options?


6-months Digital Brand Mentorship £150

6-months support for your brand

Define Your Brand Workbook

Brand Toolkit Checklist

Access to #BeVisuable Mastermind

Weekly group work assignment

Weekly group accountability prompt

Monthly Website Feedback

Quarterly Brand Audit Call

// £30 per month for 6 months //


6-months Private Brand Mentorship £1500

Everything in Online Brand Mentorship


6x Private Brand Mentorship Sessions

90-min 1:1 time per session

3 action steps after each session

Written Report after each session

6-months email support from Visuable Team

Exclusive Rates on Visuable Creative Range

// £250 per month for 6 months //