We're a creative agency based in Bristol. We'll help your business stand out online with powerful graphic design, websites and photos.

How It Works

The first step on the brand journey with us is a call / Skype to understand what your vision and goals are. We’ll want to say a friendly hello and find out why you started and where you’re heading so that we can best support you on your journey.



We’re your long-term partner on your branding journey.

You can get started with us at any stage, hop-on whenever you need us and hop-off when you want to take a break or work with us on a monthly basis.

We understand your need for choice and flexibility, so we created a pick ‘n‘ mix offering that allows you to customise a perfect branding package for your business.

Just getting started and need help with brand strategy? Or maybe your existing business doesn’t work for you and you’re looking to change direction? Then work with us through Brand Sprints - our brand mentorship programme.

Want to spice up your brand design? Or maybe need new aspirational photos that tell the story of your brand? Then choose one of our creative packages.

Looking for an easy-to-use, iconic presence on the web that turns visitors into clients? Just add a web design package when the time is right.

Short of time and tired of doing everything yourself? Let us lend you a digital pair of hands to help with marketing, designing digital assets, streamlining processes and troubleshooting tech issues - get Visuable team on your team on a monthly retainer!

Or if you’re ready to go all-in, then get the entire Visuable Experience and we’ll support you from start to finish and beyond. We’re here with you for the long run.

Our Step-by-Step Brand Plan


Define Your Brand

We’ve created a fun and reflective self-led branding process to help you focus on your goal and take you on a journey of discovery and reinvention.

Define Your Brand is included in all our packages.


Brand Sprints

Our strategic brand mentoring sessions. Together, we’ll work on each area of your brand you’re unsure about. Available via Skype or in-person in Bristol.


Creative Visioning

This is where the magic happens! We’ll immerse ourselves in the world of design inspirations and speak colours, shapes and fonts. You’ll leave with a clear creative vision for your brand.

Creative Visioning is included in all Creative Packages.


Brand Design

Your brand is coming to life pixel by pixel! Our expert designer will create your iconic logos, patterns, social media templates, guidelines and more!


Custom Design Items

Need some printed or digital assets to effectively market your business? We can create pop-up banners, flyers, business cards, brochures, stickers, product labels, packaging, e-books and more!

Custom Design Items can be added to your Brand Design Package.


Brand Photos

Bring your story to life through photos! You’ll leave feeling reinvigorated and with a complete collection of photos needed to market your brand online.


Website Design

Pulling everything together into a state of the art website which you’ll be able to update all by yourself! Your brand vision on the web the way you’ve imagined!


Digital Support

A monthly subscription to provide you with an expert digital and tech support. We’ll fulfil your digital needs, automate processes and take care of tech tasks.


Additional Information 

3-Tier Packages

Each of our 3 core creative services comes with 3-tier package options:

  • Espresso (business with a start-up budget needing an essential amount of project work and creative assets to get going)

  • Classic (business with an initial traction, stepping-up and wanting just the right amount of project work and creative assets)

  • Ultimate (business going for growth and up-levelling, looking for an extensive amount of project work and creative assets)

Ad-on Services

Each of our 3 core creative services can be supplemented with various ad-ons to create a truly custom package:

  • Brand Design (Business Cards, Flyers, Pop-up Banners, Power Point Slides, Booklets, Leaflets, E-books and more…)

  • Brand Photos (Hair and make-up artist, Personal Styling, Brand Videos and more…)

  • Website Design (Copywriting, e-commerce, e-learning, Memberships, Diary Scheduler, Email System, CRM and more…)

Website Platform

We are Squarespace specialist studio and this is the platform that we use exclusively to build and design all our websites.

We will not design on Wordpress or any other platform because we believe that Squarespace is the ultimate choice for any individual or a small business owner who needs a robust website platform that will grow together with their business, be simple to update and showcase their brilliance in the best way possible. We’re officially authorised Squarespace partners and trainers.

Payment Plans

We offer 3 payment plans for you to choose from:

  • 1 upfront payment (we’ll throw in a freebie if you pay upfront – just ask at the booking stage and we’ll suggest which of our ad-on options might be most valuable for you).

  • 2 monthly payments (first instalment on booking, second instalment 4 weeks later – unless your project is ready sooner, then we’ll ask for the final payment before we release the final assets and licence to use to you).

  • 3 monthly payments (this option is for web design projects which run for the duration of 3 months. First instalment is due on booking, second at the end of week four, third at the end of week eight).

When Can We Start?

All our projects start with our signature self-reflective Define Your Brand Process which takes approximately 2 weeks to go through in your own time. This means that we can get you started on the journey with us right away and be ready for you as soon as you finish your strategic and creative assignments!

Book a FREE 30-min consultation call with Lidia to discuss your brand idea and see how we can help you bring it to life!