We're a creative agency based in Bristol. We'll help your business stand out online with powerful graphic design, websites and photos.

What we're About


Our clients come from many different industries, but they all have one thing in common - they all need to breathe some fresh life into their brand.

It could be that their old branding and website no longer reflects their current business direction or that they don’t have one at all. They may feel that their imagery doesn’t represent who they are as a brand, or even be confused about their brand identity as a whole.

In each case, what they need is a team of experts with the strategic insight to really ‘get’ them. A team with creative and digital skills to translate that insight into a personable & authentic brand story.


A story that will gives their business a distinct personality, truly showcases the best of their brand and tips the odds in their favour, not the competitors …and that’s exactly what Visuable gives them. 

Visuable started life as a one-woman enterprise, motivated by the desire to provide business owners with incredible imagery and a website that authentically communicated the essence of their brand.

Today we have grown and evolved into a full-service digital agency, powered by a team of experts skilled in everything from branding and photography through marketing and web design.


We've worked 100+ brands all around Europe to help them get that one step closer towards achieving their business goals!


About the Founder


The conversationalist, the jet-setter, the power-house.

Lidia is a passionate, inspirational and transformational Creative Director. Her clients rave about her ability to extract a clear vision, turn that vision into a reality and create an online identity that they are proud to show off.

From an extensive career in marketing, photography and web design to a successful business owner, Lidia is synonymous with innovative, insightful, high-quality work.

Lidia created Visuable in early 2015 and has worked with 100+ brands, transforming their visual identities in a way that has not only lead to business growth but also inspired personal and business confidence.


The Team of Experts

Meet our all-start team who will expertly bring your brand to life.



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Our Partners

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 We've partnered up with Bristol UWE to offer marketing students and graduates industry work experience opportunities.