Brand Sprints

Your selected area of our 'Define Your Brand' process paired with 1:1 brand sprint session and written report. You can get an individual session or a whole bundle of brand sprints and we'll help you get the stuff done.


Each session consists of 3 elements:


An assignment to work on in the weeks coming up to our session.

90-min Brand Sprint Session:
1:1 session working on the specific area of your brand.

Written Report:
A written report containing everything that we've developed.


Areas of Expertise:

Customer Avatar
(A detailed customer profiles, understanding market needs)

Value Proposition
(Selling points, features, benefits, packages, product range and price strategy)

Brand Identity
(Vision, Mission, Values, Beliefs, Story, Essence, Personality, Voice, Positioning)

Customer Experience
(Mapping out the step-by-step process of working with you)

Content Strategy
(Visually driven strategy across social, email, digital and blog)


Turn your brand confusion into an exciting band vision and get where you want to be, faster!