How can colour Psychology affect Your Brand?


So you’re either starting up a new business or are debating a brand refresh/up-style, but want to choose a unique colour palette for your business that ensures it is reflective of what your brand represents. Picking the range of colours that symbolise your brand and what it stands for isn’t a quick, impulsive decision based on your favourite colours – it requires a bit more in-depth consideration and analysis.

Understanding the affect of colours and how you choose to use them for your business is integral to successfully achieving how you want to be perceived by your audience. Certain colours evoke specific emotions within a person and provide a subconscious insight into the personality of your brand. A study found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on colour alone, and another study confirms that purchasing intent is greatly effected by colours. So having at least basic knowledge of colours and its effects can only further benefit your business’s branding and marketing efforts.  

Here are some examples below of how we at Visuable have used colour to showcase how our clients’ brands are perceived:



Strength, Energy & Boldness

The colour red is associated with strength and energy. So, when working with a brand like Creative Mind, who are business strategists, we wanted to use a punchy colour to really capture the viewer’s attention. In this line of work we felt it important to showcase this idea of being bold and taking charge in order to reflect the style of their business, whilst standing out from their competitors.



Friendly, Cheerful & Approachable

When we worked with Betty’s Birds, a business who conduct crafty workshops for hen parties, it was important to translate their sense of fun with their colour scheme. To resemble this we chose a bright blue. This is because it is a universally liked colour and has connotations with friendliness and cheerfulness, therefore making the brand very approachable. The vibrancy of the shade also helped to emphasise the playfulness of the business.



Nature, Renewed & Environmental

Village Green is a boutique who specialise in selling pre-owned high-end dresses. So, when it came to picking colours for the website we felt it essential to highlight their ethos of being eco-friendly and recyclability. Green has strong associations with nature, renewal and environmental awareness, making it perfect to resemble the thinking behind the brand.


Light Pink

Calm, Tranquil & Mindful

The use of the colour pink alludes to notions of femininity, peacefulness, and nurture. These are all attributes suited for a brand, such as, Relax Me Happy, a business all about tranquility and mindfulness. We specifically went for a light hue of pink as this produces a psychological reaction of calmness to the viewer that is vital for a brand like this.



Quality, Luxury & Charm

For our work with Social Media Strategist, Sarah Cook, it was appropriate to integrate purple throughout the website. This is a colour deeply linked with charm, luxury, and quality. As Sarah works with improving her clients’ social media presence it was important to build a trustworthy and powerful aesthetic.


Incorporating distinctive colours that clearly resonate with your brand is essential for showing your audience what you are all about. If you think you need help with creating a brand aesthetic that’s personally tailored to what your business represents then we’d love to help – so feel free to reach out to us, or comment below!


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