How brand photography can help you attract more customers?


So what’s your excuse for having that pixelated, wonky image on the front page of your website, representing you and your fantastic business?

The visual consumer is ever evolving and expectations of photography are higher than ever. As everyone can now take a half-decent picture on their smartphone, the photography and imagery representing your business needs to reflect the quality of your work, and exceed your customers’ expectations.

I’m going to talk you through why you should invest in professional brand photography for your business but first…


Who say’s I need captivating imagery for my website? Science!

About 20% of our brain is purely there for vision and visual processing. We can process visual information a lot quicker than written text, making it a vital form of communication for you to tap into when promoting your business. These facts alone reinforce how fundamental it is for you to have a wealth of captivating imagery hosted on your website, as it enables you to tell the story of your brand within a matter of seconds.

You know the saying “a photo speaks a thousand words”? It’s time to cut out the clutter, strip the design to an absolute minimum and replace heavy graphics and blocks of written information with images that capture the spirit of your business and tell the story of your brand. This reduces the amount of information your customer has to then process, providing them with a more pleasant customer journey whilst tapping into their emotions and hidden desires.


Why should I invest in bespoke brand photography for my website?

Your website is the first impression and every tiny detail of your website needs to communicate your reputability to provide a professional and high quality product or service.

You and I both know that customers will check out your website before conducting business with you. I do it all the time, before picking a new restaurant to go to with my friends, before getting my hair done at a new salon and before booking a place to stay at a holiday destination. And when you’ve finally decided to take your business seriously and build a beautiful new website, the last thing that needs to let you down is a grainy, badly lit snap that your friend took of you on their smartphone.

You’ve got a fantastic business and a unique brand to uphold. The photography on your website needs to tell your story, show the authenticity of your business and distinctiveness of your brand. Investing in brand photography for your business will help it stand apart from the crowd and provide you with a wealth of images to confidently carry your brand across all your marketing channels.


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Do I need to invest in brand photography for my business?

Professional brand photography is quickly becoming a new norm in the world of marketing. In this smartphone society anyone can hold up a camera, press a button and take a picture. The ability to transform a picture into something interesting – a photo that tells the story of your brand and connects with your ideal audience – is a skill. If you want your imagery to speak for your brand then each image needs to be structured in a concise and coherent manner like a grammatically correct story.


But can’t I just buy a good camera?

Yes, absolutely you should. If you’ve got the hours to dig in and really learn the art then you will definitely benefit from brushing up your photography skills as a tool to promote your business. 

When it comes to the “official” business photos that set the tone for your brand on your website, social media, newsletters and blog headers - those should absolutely not be taken on your smartphone. As I said before, quality of your images will be unconsciously linked with the quality of your service; what kind of image does a quick smartphone picture portray to your customer about your brand? Having a professional take care of your brand photography needs is a smart business move that will be worth your investment.



A brand photographer is a specially trained marketing professional, who combines amazing photography skills with strategic marketing knowledge to create visuals that attract your ideal clients and convert your website visitors into brand ambassadors.


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