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Give your business an iconic brand design style to make a brilliant first impression and attract the right type of clients.

Our Bespoke Brand Design Package is for you if…

You’re in the early stages of your business, and want a brilliant brand design to get things right from the start.

You’re ready to up-level your brand, and want to work with a branding expert who can achieve the exact result you desire.

You’re changing direction and need an experienced designer to take you through the re-discovery and re-design process.


Customers no longer pay attention to brands with unattractive logos, cheesy graphics or mediocre design style.

Like it or not, the fast-paced digital world that we live in has forced businesses to up their game. Uninspiring brands stay behind and only the strongest win the race for consumer’s attention, hearts and wallets! Therefore, your fantastic business needs an iconic brand design style that suits it, making a brilliant first impression while keeping your communications consistent and memorable.

Brand psychology teaches us that good design can intrigue and emotionally impact your audience and help them identify themselves with you. Logos can encapsulate the whole concept of your brand and what you stand for. Colour palettes can reflect the feelings and emotions associated with your brand. Typography can instil the values and personality that your brand represents. Finally, graphics can convey what you’re all about.

We’re experts at great brand design and can help you ensure that the overall vibe of your brand identity resonates with your clients and clearly communicates your business ethos and creative vision that you have for your brand.

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How does it work?



First Steps…

Access our self-reflective Define Your Brand Process and work through tasks to define the key strategic brand elements such as audience, story, mission, values, essence, personality or creative vibe.

Book your Creative Visioning session to talk fonts, colours, shapes and logos.

Together, we’ll put together your vision Moodboard.


What will I get?

Our Expert designer will create your brand identity:

3x Logo for different uses
6x Colour Palette with handpicked colours
3x Typography to create unique personality
Unique design patterns that will differentiate your brand
Social Media Toolkit to achieve a consistent look

You’ll also get Brand Guidelines:

A document with our recommendations on how to use your brand identity, colour codes, font installation guides and more!


So, what are the options?

Prices start at £475

With our 3-tier package options, we have something for everyone - start-up, step-up and scale-up.

Our larger packages also include Brand Sprints and Custom Design Items (business cards, flyers, PDF’s, e-books, pop-up banners, brochures and more).

It doesn’t matter where you’re based - work with us remotely over Skype or meet us in person in Bristol.


How it’s like to work with us...


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