Top Tips for Your Perfect Brand Photos


You have put a lot of effort into creating your brand. Your website is starting to look great, you actually starting to feel proud! But what about your brand photos? Do you have photos that showcase who you are and represent your business in the best possible way on your website and social media?

First impressions matter. Pictures are a very important factor in creating first impressions. Your brand photos can really make or break the deal for you. The perfect brand photos should ideally be taken by a professional who understands what image you need to create to attract your ideal clients and can bring the best out of you. 

If taking professional brand photos is not an option for you at the moment, then consider these few simple tips when taking your own snaps for your business: 



Use the best camera possible. Nowadays, we are used to a certain level of professionalism when it comes to images. The quality of your images will be directly linked to the quality of your work. If you have an amateurish look, people will assume that you don’t know any better or don’t care and they won’t chose to work with you. So try to get hold of some quality equipment. Those days camera phones are getting better and better, so if you're using iphone8 or Google Pixel you might be ok to use them for your Instagram and Facebook Strategy.



Try to avoid visual clutter! Make sure that the photos depict only you and desirable surroundings. Distractive background elements, such as lamps or bookshelves, will drive the focus away from your you and cause distraction. It doesn’t mean that your photos MUST be taken at the front of a plain background, it’s actually great to use textured walls as backdrops but be careful as they can easily become overpowering. In portrait photography, it’s best to blow the background out of focus and create a trendy, shallow, depth of field effect.



Take your brand photos in a place that has a lot of available daylight. Usually at the front of a big, bright window is best. Avoid direct sunlight, sun will get your eyes squinting and may create harsh shadows all over your face. Pick a cloudy day if you want good results. Clouds are great because they work just like a big softbox so will dilute any hard shadows and give your skin beautiful, natural look.


A simple pose with eyes looking directly into the camera is ideal for the profile image. You can cross your arms on your chest; it will make you look more confident. A similar effect is achieved by placing both hands on your hips. If you are a woman, avoid standing with your shoulders squared towards the camera – this pose will make your upper body appear much bigger than it is so is usually reserved for man. Turning your arms slightly left of right but still having your face directly towards the camera will create much more delicate and feminine look. If you're a less formal or lifestyle business you can get a non-traditional striking portrait to represent your business - for you, the sky is the limit and you should no suppress your desires but rather bring the most wild vision to life!



You don’t have to include your entire body in your photo. Portrait profile photos typically only go down to the shoulder or mid-chest region. This helps the viewer focus only on your face and allows your personality to sparkle through. If your photo consists of some interesting and intentional (but not distractive) background elements then by all means keep them in!


Levels of formality differ from business to business and from platform to platform, that’s why choosing the right outfit might prove difficult. Some industries require you to wear formal outfits for work but other offer total flexibility. Try to understand your industry requirements or get help from a personal stylist.  

And lastly... 

Don’t forget to smile! Smiling will make you seem more friendly and approachable which is very useful in attracting potential clients.


If the above sounds difficult and you would rather have your perfect brand photos taken by a professional after reading my post then get in touch with us and we will take care of creating an amazing set of brand photos for your business!


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