What Your Typeface Says About Your Brand

The typeface that you choose to use within your business has a huge impact on your brand identity. It’s important to try and steer clear of default fonts so that you can separate your business from the rest and help to create a strong and unique font that showcases your brand’s values and personality.

In this post I will be giving you a run down of different font categories and the distinctive qualities that they convey to your audience.


Serif typefaces are seen as classic and traditional. They are great if you want to give your brand an editorial and high-end look. This is because serif fonts give off a sense of authority and elegance, which is why they tend to be used in fashion magazines and designer brands. This style would be perfect for brands that want to seem trust-worthy and reliable.

We chose to go with this typeface for Becky Barnes Style, as in her line of work as a style coach we felt it necessary to establish her brand with an up-market look.


Sans serif typefaces have a really clean, sleek, and modern feel. They are perfect for businesses that are contemporary and almost have the opposite effect on your audience than a serif type. Sans serif fonts work fantastically with businesses who are forward thinking, innovative, and creative.

For our client Zofie at Relax Me Happy, we used a sans serif font due to its simplicity and so the style fluidly ties in to her brand's values of calmness and tranquility.


Typewriter fonts are quirky and have a vintage, rustic, handmade vibe to them. However, with this style it’s important to realise that they can quickly feel dated. So if you do decide to incorporate a vintage look into your identity try not to put it at the forefront of your business. Instead, use it as an accent font as this can be altered when the style seems outdated. This style would suit businesses that want to express a personal and approachable quality. An example of this in use would be at Playground Café.


Script or Hand-written fonts infuse a burst of energy into your brand’s look. This typeface has a huge range of styles allowing you to specialise and really capture your brand’s identity. For example, you may decide to use a sharp and bold hand-written style to give your brand a punchy look. On the other hand, you could use cursive lettering to evoke a whimsical and feminine look, which would be helpful for brands looking to showcase an organic and wholesome identity.

When working with Sarah Cook we incorporated a script font style in her logo to highlight the approachability of the brand and make her stand out from other social media strategists.


When picking a typeface to represent your business keep in mind the affect that they can have on your audience in order to powerfully set the tone for your brand’s personality and overall appearance.



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