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+ Your Customer Insight

Customer insight is seriously important for many reasons. Knowing who your customers are inside and out can help you predict your movements by identifying patterns in their buying and help you to make better business decisions. You’ll also be able to connect and engage with them on a whole new emotional level, which will lead to stronger relationships and help to strengthen brand loyalty.

Apart from the above, you can also use customer insights and laser focus your marketing efforts. Make sure you have your key customer personas ready, you need to live and breathe as if you are your customer, really put yourself in their shoes. Your marketing efforts will all fall into place and become a lot easier.

If you ranked yourself quite low on this then it would really be worth sitting down and brainstorming who your customers are. Spend some time figuring out at least their gender, age, location, and pain points. This will then help you craft better marketing messages to attract them.

If you ranked yourself somewhere in the middle then you’re probably almost there. Write down everything you do know about your customer and find out where the gaps are. What is it that you’re missing? Do you know their likes, dislikes, motivations, needs, wants, desires? Have a think about that and further crystallise your marketing message so that you know what to say online to attract them!

If you ranked yourself quite high then you are well on your way. Make sure you’ve covered and explored every aspect of your ideal customers and really ensure that your marketing & advertising efforts align to your personas. Go down to tiny details of your customer profile like specific areas of town, brands they like, cars they drive, restaurants they go to, shows they watch – this can really help you understand what makes them tick!

If you feel like you need to pin down your ideal customer then you can always book a FREE brand consultation to find out how we can help with that!

+ Your Offer

This is the first & probably one of the most important steps. The better you know what it is you offer, the better you can sell it, and the better you can advertise it and present it to customers.

Once you do finally pin down your products & services and what exactly they should include, you need to think about the intangible benefits of what you’re selling. Are you selling life-long happiness? Confidence? Think what your customers might want to buy? Are they buying a piece of mind, prestige or status? Those are the common drivers and your offering should be aligned with the key drivers that motivate your customers to buy (which is why is important to start with understanding who your customers are).

If you ranked yourself low on this section then it’s vital that you get this pinned down ASAP. Grab a pen & paper and get brainstorming! Write down everything that’s included in your package – all features and benefits should be clearly listed – from emotional drivers such as beautiful setting and bespoke offering to tangible benefits that you can put numbers on – if you’re a service provider this might be a specific time it takes to have you eg. massage or a consultation session, if you’re a product provider this might be how many items are included in your package – be exact, your customers are evaluating this against your price!

If you ranked yourself somewhere in the middle on this section then maybe you just need to refine your packages further. Jot them down and make sure you’re covering the bases of each package. Think about the words you’re using to describe each offering – bespoke and custom is more expensive and will appeal to the higher end customer whilst word FREE will attract the deal seekers amongst us (but it can also be used as a conversation starter with your ideal client! Make sure to get a second opinion to see if your offering is appealing.

If you ranked yourself highly on this section then you’ve got this! Make sure to really push on those intangible benefits – who doesn’t want life-long happiness, prestige or have their wildest dreams come true?

Book a FREE consultation to find out how we can help you present your packages in a way that's diserable to your ideal clients!

+ Your brand identity

This is your biggest differentiator. In such a saturated market place no matter what your industry, your core values, business mission and unique brand methodology will be the one thing that will set you apart from your competitors. This is called your brand identity and it's the narrative that you create around your brand in ordwer to attract the clients you serve! When it comes to beating decision-paralysis consumers are turning to brands who share their core values and beliefs.

Not only are these brand identity elements important for your customers but for your employees as well. They need to embody these traits in everything they do and believe in your values in order to really sell the heck out of your products or services.

If you ranked yourself low on this section then it’s really important you pin down what it is that really is setting you apart from everyone else. Spend some time thinking about your business mission and how you’ll articulate that to the world. Do some exercises around brand values and get them down onto paper or ideally onto your website! Think what’s unique about your business and your offer – what can’t they get anywhere else?

If you ranked yourself in the middle on this section then you’re probably almost there. You may just have gaps in this area so take the time to fill in those areas to really strengthen your brand. Maybe come up with a brand belief that you’ll communicate to the world to help you attract people who believe what you believe?

If you ranked yourself highly on this section then well done you! Most brands/businesses don’t have all of these pinned down as the brand identity and it's essence is such a complex thing to pin down. It’s so great to see you so invested in your brand. Make sure to communicate it to your employees and on your website to your customers so they have something to connect with!

If you need some help with identifying what's at the essence of your brand and why would people want to buy your service then book our FREE brand consultation and we'll explain how we can help with that! We have developed our own signature brand definition process called 'Define Your Brand' which can help you tremendously!

+ Your Brand Personality

Brand Personality is crucial in helping you connect with your audience on a more human level. There are many ways of waving some personality into your brand (check out our blog on 4 ways to add brand personality to your website) – from bringing in fictional characters to injecting your own personality into your business. We love the latter approach as we believe that bringing your own personality traits and own values into the business will help you appear more authentic. Also, becoming the face of the brand will help people remember and recognize you better. This is a great way of generating word of mouth referrals for your business as people buy from people they like so if they like you they’ll be more likely to buy from you and recommend your products and services to others. Brands with distinct personalities make their customers feel something which in turn creates a deeper emotional connection and brand loyalty. So make sure you portray your brand personality in everything you do to be the biggest advocate of your own business.

If you ranked yourself low on this section, then it’s really important that you have a serious think about your brand personality. Start with small steps like writing a personal blog or spending a little more time on social media sharing personal day-to-day stories. When it comes to business personality – you might want to show your audience how your day looks like – press record on your Facebook life and turn into your brands own reporter and tell your audience how your team is doing and what you’re up to.

If you ranked yourself somewhere in the middle on this section then you are on the path to success however it wouldn’t do any harm seriously thinking about what you can do to strengthen your brand personality further. Get brainstorming and jot down some ideas for letting your audience in on some more secrets!

If you ranked yourself high on this section, then you are pretty much there! It might help to look within and see which aspects of your own personality you can reflect in your business and how you can bring your team to the picture too and help you tell your brand story!

If you're not sure just how to bring more personality to your business, then you’re in luck because this is something we’re experts at – just get in touch for a FREE consultation and we can get you on the right path using our Define Your Brand Process and Brand Clarity deep-dive session! In the meantime, you can also check out our blog on Brand Personality - what is it, do you need it and how to showcase it.

+ Your Credibility

Demonstrating credibility through various means can be a seriously powerful tool in building trust and there are plenty of ways in which you can showcase credibility to customers and clients. For example, customer testimonials are especially great at increasing conversions! If possible, try and include four or more of these on your website: industry qualifications, relevant industry experience, portfolio or work, partner/client logos, testimonials, video, case studies and influencer endorsements.

If you ranked yourself low on this section, then see which from the list you are missing and make it one of your goals to gather more customer testimonials, for example. The more you have of the above the better!

If you ranked yourself in the middle on this section then you’re getting there but you can do better! If you’ve had lots of clients but haven’t sought any feedback or testimonials then now is the time to gather everything you’ve got and flaunt it! Sprinkle your testimonials evenly throughout your website and include industry qualifications where you see fit (normally in footers or on the ‘about’ page).

If you ranked yourself highly on this section then you are doing a fantastic job. You can think of more advanced ways of showcasing credibility like customer case studies or video testimonials – those will take your credibility to a whole new level! Use your case studies and video testimonials on your website, point to them in your blogs and newsletters as this will help people to access them easily. Think about collaborations and influencer endorsements and try to get some PR for your brand so that people start seeing you like the expert you really are!

If you need some help and an action plan on how to create your credibility assets then book a FREE brand consultation and we can discuss a way forward for you!

+ Your Website

There’s a lot of pressure riding on your website’s shoulders. It needs to be everything! It’s one of, if not the most important asset for your business. For some of you, it’s your alternative solution to owning a brick and mortar store, or, it’s your number one sales executive who works around the clock 24/7. It’s a business fundamental, it’s your first impression and your potential customers first port of call. Invest in making it the best it can be so that it works hard to help you on your journey towards business success!

As well as the above, your website needs to be well-designed, easy to navigate, engaging, fast, optimised, up-to-date, and more! I could honestly go on and on. 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based solely on the design of its website. That’s quite a lot, right? No matter what, your visitors research online before determining whether they should do business with you or whether they should buy your product. This means, your website and the state of it is a huge factor in their buying decision process. It could be the deciding factor as to whether your visitor goes with you or your competitor.

If you ranked yourself low on this section, then it’s a no brainer that your website needs some work. Updating your website might not be a priority for you but if you plan on nailing that first impression and tipping the odds of a sale in your favour, then a redesign could be a game changer for you. (Check out our blog: 5 signs your website isn't working for you). The absolute minimum standard for today’s websites is simplicity of use, clarity of message, ease of use, mobile responsiveness, pleasant design and photography that helps to understand what the business actually does. Those are the things you should be investing in right now!

If you ranked yourself in the middle on this section then maybe you just need a bit of a refresh – some updated hi-res photography, graphics or some thought behind the flow and customer journey to ensure you are converting properly.

If you ranked yourself highly on this section, then you are probably almost there and just need to refine some things. If this is the case then head to our group #BeVisuable! on Facebook because from time to time I offer free website feedbacks.

If you think you might be in need of a new website which does all of the above, then you’re in luck as we have a brilliant all-in Website Design Package which covers all the important bases mentioned above. Plus we give you a full training to use it all by yourself so you can wave goodbye to expensive updates!

+ Your Brand Photography

Everyone can now take a half-decent picture on their smartphone but the photography and imagery representing your business needs to reflect the quality of your work, and exceed your customers’ expectations. (Check out our blog: How brand photography can help you attract more customers).

About 20% of our brain is purely there for vision and visual processing. We can process visual information a lot quicker than written text, making it a vital form of communication for you to tap into when promoting your business. These facts alone reinforce how fundamental it is for you to have a wealth of captivating imagery hosted on your website, as it enables you to tell the story of your brand within a matter of seconds without having to say a single word! Here at Visuable, images are our favourite form of communication with customers! You know the saying “a photo speaks a thousand words”?

Now is the best time to cut out the clutter, strip the design to an absolute minimum and replace heavy graphics and blocks of written information with images that capture the spirit of your business and tell the story of your brand. This reduces the amount of information your customer has to then process, providing them with a more pleasant customer journey whilst tapping into their emotions and hidden desires.

The photography on your website needs to tell your story, show the authenticity of your business and distinctiveness of your brand. So that you can stand out from the crowd and make your audience fall in love with you!

If you ranked yourself low on this section then some professional photography could seriously benefit you and your business. Think about having a brand photo-shoot done. Not only will you go through a brand deep-dive which will help you get to the heart of your brand and understand it better, you’ll also get a wealth of imagery that show your customers exactly why they should pick you!

If you ranked yourself in the middle on this section then a brand photography session could give your brand an edge! It might be that you have some photos already but they are a little tired or not professional enough to fully represent just how great you are.

If you ranked yourself highly on this section then you are doing a smashing job! Make sure that you use your images to continuously to tell your brand story and take your customers on a journey.

We offer a seriously great value Brand Photography Package and we have a proven track record in helping people doubling their business turnaround and become socially famous!

+ Your Brand Design Style

Having a clearly defined brand design style gives your brand a consistent image, sparks recognition and helps to build familiarity with your audience. You may have some brand assets in place, like a logo, but is it doing your business justice? The design assets representing your brand say a lot about what it’s like to do business with you. If the green you use on your website is different to that on your leaflets, or if you have a pixelated logo and inconsistent typography then your customers might get the impression you’re inconsistent and lack quality in your work too.

Each element of your brand design speaks volumes about your business - just check out our blog: What your typeface says about your brand if you want to know wether you're using the right type of font for your business. Or have a look at the Popular Colours for 2018 to know if you're on-trend this year!

It’s really important that you have all of the following for your business/brand:

• A custom brand colour palette of no more than five colours • A custom hi-resolution logo in all necessary formats and colours • Typography set with heading, subheading, body text and accent font • Guidlines that explain how to use your brand across all chqannels

If this is something you would like some help on then just get in touch. Our Brand Design Package includes our Define Your Brand Process, a Clarity Session, full assets design and guildlines to use!

+ Your Marketing Strategy

Having a great website is just the beginning of your journey towards an online marketing success. A comprehensive and integrated online strategy is the fundamental building block that will help you succeed at your business. It’s a given that most businesses will have one in place as a strong online presence is essential in increasing visibility, credibility and sales. All of the following feed into your online marketing strategy: email marketing, social media, blogging, advertising, PR, partnerships, and collaborations. It’s important that you have clearly defined goals and then use a combination of these tools and tactics to execute your strategy efficiently.

If you ranked yourself low on this section, then you may need to consider pumping in some more effort into your marketing strategy. If marketing isn’t your strong suit then reach out for help or look to online resources. You can’t ignore it and hope it goes away – plan your key objectives and start off with one or two marketing channels such as email marketing and social media, then work from there! One step at a time.

If you ranked yourself in the middle on this section then you’re on your way but could push yourself further. Make sure you are using the best tools to reach your audience – there’s no point chucking lots of effort into Instagram if your audience isn’t there. Push yourself to branch out and use more of the marketing methods listed above, even if it means going out of your comfort zone. You’ll find they all feed into one another and will lead to a more integrated omni-channel online presence!

If you ranked yourself high on this section then that’s great! Think about ways in which you can further refine or optimise your marketing strategy. What other relevant channels or strategies could you look to implement to reach your target audience? It’s important not to get complacent and to constantly look for ways to improve and enhance your strategy and approach to keep your audience engaged!

If you need help with your marketing strategy, tools or even just brainstorming ideas for new promotions or campaigns then book onto our 60-min short and sharp brand marketing session and we can help you with your marketing strategy!