Popular Colours for 2018


Colours. They are an essential element of creating an identity for your business.

It is important to know that each colour has its own meaning. The colour or colours you choose to use for your logo, your website or even the outfits you wear in your brand photo-shoot will say something about you. So choose wisely!

Colours help you establish the identity and image of your brand. It is then important to analyse the colours in detail as well as their meaning to see if they correspond to the message you want to project.

At Visuable we like to keep ourselves up to date with all the latest trends to help our clients be more successful, so we’ve research the top brand colours for 2018 that will help you attract more of your ideal customers. Seeing as we've done all the research for you, you'd be crazy not to take advantage of this insider info and get your brand on trend for 2018.

Your success, is our priority.


Top brand colours of 2018


Pink Flamingo

Soft and feminine, Pink Flamingo is an original and modern colour that will fit a wide range of brands perfectly well. From personal styling, through wellness to home interior brands get those pink flamingo shades injected into your palette!

colour for my personal brand


Sand is a neutral colour that has always been unanimous. Its simplicity pleases entrepreneurs who want a neutral and strong image for their brand. Combined with it’s darker shades it will suit high-end consultancies who want to create a contemporary feel or any rural businesses such as equestrian industry related brands.

the best colour for my personal brand


This colour is undoubtedly perfect for a clear and bright website. In addition, the mix of pearl and sand colour creates a perfect harmony that could highly appreciated by beauty and wellness industry such as hairstyling, massage or relaxation centres.

colour pearl for my personal brand


Navy Blue

Very current in 2018, Navy Blue is still very popular. It is true that this colour gives off a certain amount of strength, which is likely to attract a large number of customers. We have just added an navy blue to our palette! We would recommend this colour to anyone who is looking to add originality, depth and confidence to their palette!

best colour for my personal brand

Fern Green

Fern Green will undeniably be very popular Spring 2018. It is a calm and restful colour that radiates serenity. We’re in love with Fern Green so we’ve also added it to our palette. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to inject distinct freshness to their brand style!

best colour for my personal brand



Between blue and violet, Periwinkle is a very soothing winter colour. Absolutely non-aggressive, this shade blends perfectly with light and dark tones. We’ve spotted it in many hair related brand this year so if that’s what you’re creating this year, think about adding a little Periwinkle to your colour tones!

best colour for my personal brand identity

Red Apple

Energetic and sparkling, the choice of Red Apple for a brand implies motivation and determination. This impulsive color will probably be fashionable throughout the year 2018 and beyond. It is perfect for high-end brands who are looking for a distinctive look! We would recommend adding golds or light greys to your red apple palette too!

how to choose the best colour

At Visuable we believe that these colours will mark the year 2018. We think that the most representative colours of this year will be Sand, Navy blue and Fern Green. These three colours work together perfectly well and can give a brand a relaxed and professional look.

As you can see, choosing the right colours for your brand is essential for communicating the essence of your company to the outside world.  

If you’re unsure, we’re here to help - through our Brand Design Package we can help you choose not only the colours, but also create the entire identity that will communicate your essence to your audience.


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