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Michelle Sanfilippo photo

I’m never relaxed in photos ... absolutely hate smiling and always hide behind my oversized sunglasses ... but something amazing happened on this day: Lidia had the incredible ability to make me feel so comfortable & smiley that I couldn’t stop! She really is amazing! The whole day was fantastic! Thank you Lidia for showing anther side of me that I always hide! My expectations are blown out of the window! So extremely happy with these amazing pictures.

— Michelle Sanfilippo, Personal Stylist

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Amy Box

Lidia is so lovely and friendly, she made the day of the shoot really fun for me! It felt like having my friends round, having a laugh but resulting in amazing photos for my business. When the day came to an end, I was a little sad that it was over and felt that I already want to do another one!

— Amy Box, Singer and Vocal Coach

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Luke Fleming

Lidia’s Branding Consultation helped give me a clear vision of exactly what I needed to do with my production company. I love the photos Visuable created for me, they took my website to another level.

— Luke Fleming, Founder Of Mint Flicks

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Shereen Pasha

I was nervous & overwhelmed initially but Lidia had a step by step plan which really helped me to feel at ease. I'm very happy with the support I received from Lidia and her team. The photo-shoot day went smoothly and I had so much fun along the way! I absolutely love the photos!

— Shereen Pasha, Brand Clarity Strategist

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The day of the photoshoot was so much fun. It was a hilarious day. I posted two new brand photos on social media. instead of getting my usual 200 views, I was getting over 4000 views!

— Catherine Bicknell, The Founder of YogiMoms

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Entrepreneur's Godmother

Absolutely fantastic. Lidia and the team really understood us and allowed us to feel comfortable when working with them. The photo-shoot day was fun and relaxed and Lidia and her team captured images that truly showcase what we're about!

— Alison Edgar, Entrepreneur's Godmother

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Sarah Cook

My experience working with Lidia has been absolutely outstanding! From the first discussion through to training, advice, implementation, strategy and more Lidia has been there every step of the way. I’ve been completely blown away by her enormous talent, passion, enthusiasm, commitment and wholehearted genuine love of what she does.

— Sarah Cook, Social Media Strategist and Founder of Come Network With Me

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Jen Wagstaff

Lidia took so many amazing pictures and I get so many compliments on them. If I could afford to have her by my side all the time, photographing me and making me look great, then I would!

— Jen Wagstaff, Director of Creative Mind

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