Website Audit + Report + 30min Review Call

Website Audit + Report + 30min Review Call


Want a specific report on how your own website could be improved?

We can go over your website with our expert eyes and give you a detailed report with strategic recommendations on what changes you need to make to build more trust, increase credibility and convert visitors into leads. After we’ve analysed your website and written your report, you can book in a 30-minute review call to discuss the report in more detail and gain further understanding on the areas that need your attention most.

What areas will you look at and write up in the report?

  • Website Structure & navigation

  • Branding

  • Trust building elements

  • Quality of design, imagery, content, etc.

  • Conversion tactics & added value opportunities

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Speed, mobile responsiveness and user experience

Okay, sounds great - so what do I do now?

  1. Buy Website Audit Report and fill out our short questionnaire

  2. Wait up to 3 days and get it delivered straight to your inbox

  3. Book your follow-up review call to discuss in more detail

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I downloaded the Website Scorecard and unfortunately didn’t score too well on a few areas. I decided to purchase the Website Audit Report to get more specific feedback about my website and not only did I get a written report full of detailed suggestions, but I decided to go for the free call with Lidia. She talked me through everything in the report and more. I now know exactly what needs to be changed on my website and more importantly WHY. This has been a huge learning curve for me and my business and I highly recommend talking to Lidia - she knows her stuff.
— Catherine