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Anna Chabura Home

Working with Visuable on relaunching my brand has been incredible - the process was fun and collaborative and resulted in amazing outcomes for me! I got a lot of clarity from Lidia’s mentorship sessions, an amazing design and photos that brought my vision to life and a beautiful website that pulls everything together and truly showcases what I am about, and builds tons of credibility with my clients. I went from struggling to book clients, to having them actively seek out to work with me!

— Anna Chabura, Founder of Health Means Happiness

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Michelle Sanfilippo Home

The response I've had has been incredible. Lots of fantastic feedback & the clients are flooding in. My existing clients are very impressed with my new website. I just knew that working with Visuable would be the best decision for my business.

— Michelle Sanfilippo, Personal Stylist

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Ismene Home

A journey of transformation. It wasn't just a new website, it enabled me to rediscover my vision, what I was passionate about, who I wanted to become and what I wanted my message to be. I have been getting so much positive feedback since launching my website. Both clients and friends have been telling me how “me” my branding feels now and how my website captures my personality perfectly. I’m finally proud to show off what I do. Having a new look and platform for the launch of my coaching business has been a big part of its success. Thank you Visuable!

— Ismene Cole, Transformational Coach

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Amanda King

I have seen such an improvement in my business since launching the website with Visuable. I had such a rush in the first month and all of those new bookings just re-booked for Term 2. A 100% rebook rate which is fantastic. I attribute this to having a professional website with a booking system embedded in that people can click on quickly and easily.

— Amanda King, Founder of And Exhale Yoga

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Nicola Strudley

Hiring Visuable to support me through the process of launching my website was one of the best things I’ve ever done. The experience can be described as "whirlwind" - it was fast paced, fun, creative and collaborative. It was a massive learning curve for me and I took so much from working with Visuable. Their youthful energy was like an injection of rocket fuel into my business. It catapulted it into a whole other sphere!

— Nicola Strudley, Founder of Brain Train Me

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Lidia planned and structured the day very well and made sure that we got a huge variety of photos for me to choose from. Lidia was excellent at getting the results I wanted and making me feel at ease - I loved the experience! She was motivational, supportive and had a lot of energy. She is incredibly passionate about what she does and this is what I initially bought into.I posted two new brand photos on social media. Instead of 200 views I was getting over 4000 views which is incredible!

— Catherine Bicknell, Founder of Yogi Moms

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Sarah Cook

My experience working with Lidia has been absolutely outstanding! From the first discussion through to training, advice, implementation, strategy and more Lidia has been there every step of the way. The website that Visuable designed for me is so simple, I can update whatever I want, whenever I want - I love it! Lidia has been a breath of fresh air for me and a major confidence boost regarding my web presence, and the outcome of working with her has resulted in a dramatic increase in enquiries and in increased sales for me! Working with Visuable has really pushed my brand to the next level.

— Sarah Cook, Social Media Strategist and Founder of Come Network With Me

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Kimba Cooper

The Visuable team has taken brand photos and provided brand specific advice and guidance that has helped us gain clarity and make our visual appearance more coherent. Lidia and the team perform some sort of magic. If you haven't had the pleasure of working with them yet, what are you waiting for?

— Kimba Cooper, Founder of Kimba Digital

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Anna and Michal, BeFit4Life

Me and my boyfriend have set-up an instagram profile around fitness and nutrition advice. We’ve been building a steady following but struggled to think about ways to monetise our audience. Through Lidia’s mentorship, we’ve developed a range of digital products and services. We also had our website designed by Visuable. Within 3 months after our website launch, we were able to transform our Instagram side hustle into a profitable full-time business which now sells globally. Thank you Visuable!

— Anna and Michal, Founders of BeFit4Life

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Christina Andersen

I'm so grateful for all the hard work Lidia and her team have put into my website and members area. Lidia has taken the time to listen and helped me find the perfect way to speak to my audience. My business was only a hobby before. With the new website, I started to get about 1150 unique visitors, 1253 visits and 4615 page views every month!

— Christina Andersen, Founder of MumsGetFit

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Justyna Jelinek

I didn’t really know what I wanted and how to translate my business and philosophy onto the website. Lidia was so helpful, she asked the right questions, helped me to clarify my message, always went extra mile when I needed some advice and help. I absolutely love my website and most importantly it clearly represent me and my brand philosophy. I had a lot of compliments about the website and client enquiries, which is a great result for me!

— Justyna Jelinek, Founder of Brand You

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Luke Fleming

Lidia’s brand mentorship gave me a clear vision of exactly what I needed to do with my production company website and how I can keep visitors on my site longer. She explained how to build the trust of potential clients through my web presence, it’s now much easier to impress the clients I want to work with.

— Luke Fleming, Founder of Mint Flicks

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Jorge Zafra

Working with Visuable revolutionised my business - thanks to the new website that we launched, I am now getting more bookings directly through it. The user experience is easier, cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing, which results in more enquiries - all patients love the new booking system and the photos which help them visualise the experience they’ll get at the clinic. My business have doubled as a result and I had to open two new appointments days at my clinic since!

— Dr Jorge Zafra, Founder of Zafra Medical

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Claire Black

Visuable breaks the process down into well-defined stages, with clear focus and guidance at each stage to elicit the essence of your message and branding.  Lidia does exactly what she says she does – she is expert at visualising and bringing to life the essence of a personal brand. The pictures that Lidia took are beautiful, and really make my website stand out from the crowd. I have had lots of great compliments about the site, and how wonderful it looks. I feel that it really reflects my voice and my message.

— Claire Black, Divorce Coach

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Becky Kilsby

I’m thrilled with the feedback I’ve received so far. Comments refer to the clarity of messaging, the attractive colour and design, and that visitors can really understand my business and what I’m offering. From the launch campaign to the day of the launch and beyond – now 1 month old – I’ve had a steady flow of traffic and inquiries. Above all, I’m proud that my website reflects who I am and what Freestyle Careers can offer. 

- Becky Kilsby, Founder of Freestyle Careers

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Ed Ley

A mind-blowingly good service, this wasn't just web design but imagery, photography, branding, illustration, I even felt like I better understood my business from the process. I can't recommend highly enough. I've had at least 20 websites made for me over the last 15 years and this was by far the most smooth and enjoyable process. I gained a deeper understanding of my business in the process and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

— Ed Ley, Health Coach

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Jen Wagstaff

Your website is like your CV: it has to be top quality and I now feel my new website reflects all the great aspects of the business so I feel more confident reaching out to high ticket clients with my business proposition. I feel that working with Visuable to transform how I present my business online was one of the best investments I’ve made into it’s future.

— Jen Wagstaff, Founder of Creative Mind Sales Training

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