Hi I'm Lidia

I have a passion for turning ideas into business. I've always been entrepreneurial and dreamed about a location independent lifestyle. Finally, I made it happen.


My Story


After a lot of soul searching, I found my zone of brilliance in bringing brands to life and I am now doing my dream job helping other business owners to up their game and be more successful in life and business by building a strong visual brand that mirrors their values, passions and personality and attracts their ideal audience 😍

My business is structured around my 3 core values that are rooted in my personality and reflect my business vision of the future:

FREEDOM to run my business without being strictly tied to a geographical location as I live and move around across 3 countries: UK, Cyprus and Poland. Freedom to choose who to work with and what projects to take on. My service range has been designed to set you and your brand free too, helping you achieve whatever you’re dreaming about!

PASSION to get out of bed to do what I love every single day. To pursue my creative passions and work with people who inspire me with what they do 😍 The services I offer are all about helping you successfully merge your passion with your profession and build a brand that you’re proud to show off!

GROWTH – I created my brand Visuable to be a platform for me to grow, shift, change, try new things and reinvent myself as I expand my knowledge and expertise.

Implicit in these 3 core personal values is also how I’ve aligned my business mission: to transform brands from bland to brilliant and to help them grow and become more successful.


My Journals