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I turn dreams into visions and visions into realities.

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The Conversationalist.

The Jet-setter.
The Power-house.

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Hi, I’m Lidia - founder of Visuable and a Brand Expert, inspiring entrepreneurs around the world to follow their passion, create a brilliant brand and live their own dream vision.


I’m a strong believer that visuals speak louder than words and that brilliant brands are the vehicles that drive businesses towards success at a faster speed. That’s how I created my fun, empowering and extremely effective brand building process called Define-Create-Grow.

Through studying for an MBA degree, 7+ years running my own creative ventures, attending business growth acceleration programs and working with brands all around the world, I have gained extensive strategic and creative expertise that I would love to share with you!


Since launching Visuable in 2015, I have led over 200 business owners through their own brand building journeys, whilst injecting creative Visuable magic into their brands and helping them achieve the amazing results they’ve always been looking for.

I mastered the art, science and operation behind running a successful location independent business. Leading a remote team, while living across three countries: UK, Cyprus and Poland, is how I roll. You can also find me travelling the world, living the laptop lifestyle dream!



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Building your brand - making your dream a vision, and your vision a reality. Merging your passion with your profession, differentiating yourself from the competition and creating a one of a kind, iconic visual identity aligned with your whole true self. You brand is you.

Websites done right – how to create a website that means business. Signature product range tailor, made for your ideal audience, iconic visual identity and a strong message that emotionally connects with your visitors, turning them into brand ambassadors.

Laptop Lifestyle - building a virtual company, remote working, outsourcing, merging your passion with your profession and living the laptop lifestyle dream. Creating a business without borders. Digital transformation.

Work-life balance - finding balance between running a successful business and taking care of yourself. Making fitness, nutrition, hobbies, friends and holidays a priority. Self-management, productivity and growth mindset.

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