Brand Intensive

Our 'Define Your Brand' process paired with 1:1 brand consultation session and take home assets. It consists of brand strategy, clarity and creativity elements that will help us pin-point your brand vision and visualise the essence of your brand. 

Brand Strategy —you'll start with self-led reflective 'Define Your Brand' assignments to define your vision, mission, value, target audience, product range, customer experience, brand identity, brand story, voice, essence and visual vibe. 

Brand Clarity — the next step is a 1:1 consultation to plan everything in detail and pin-point the exact brand vision that you have for your business so that you stand out in todays marketplace and are seen as the only solution for your ideal clients.

Creativity — the best part! A fun and collaborative process of translating the brand vision and inspirations into a concise Moodboard to visualise the essence of a brand, create a colour theme which perfectly captures the feelings and emotions that you want to project to your audience and give you a creative direction for your design and photography style.


What's Included

  • An in-depth Brand Audit of your digital presence before we start 
  • Access to our signature 'Define Your Brand' process
  • 4h brand deep-dive consultation via Skype or at our offices

Assets and workbooks:

  • Brand Blueprint - a written summary of your brand identity
  • Your website structure mapped out and delivered as a PDF
  • A Website Planner to help you organise your content propearly
  • Brand Toolkit Guide so you know all the assets you need to create
  • 10% voucher towards any of our 'Create Your Brand' Packages


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    What you'll gain:

    Clarity around your brand direction, ideal client and product range
    Clearly defined mission, vision and values for your brand
    Creative direction for design, photography and colours for your brand
    Tips and suggestions on how to create a brilliant brand
    A discount towards our creative services  


    Turn your brand confusion into an exciting vision for your business and get where you want to be, faster!