Nina Taylor

In just 90 minutes, we’ve defined my entire service range. I got exactly what I wanted form the session and more! This is like the core of my business now! Thank You Lidia

- Nina Taylor, Fitness Instructor

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Brain Train Me

“Hiring Visuable to support me through the process of launching my website was one of the best things I’ve ever done! It was fast paced, fun, creative and collaborative. I was a massive learning curve for me and I took so much from working with Visuable. Their youthful energy was like an injection of rocket fuel into my business. It catapulted it into a whole other sphere!”

– Nicola Strudley, Founder of Brain Train Me

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Sarah Cook

“Everyone loves the website. People say that I am married to my website because it represents me perfectly. It is also so simple, I never imagined it would be like that. Also, now I can do whatever I want whenever I want on my website and I love it! Squarespace is really simple and easy to use. This experience has really pushed my brand to the next level. ”

– Sarah Cook, Social Media Strategist

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Heidi Web

“"I’m super happy with both the process and the outcomeLidia was imaginative, thorough and professional, and she very quickly understood what I wanted, even when I wasn’t being very clear myself!”

– Heidi Sævareid, Author and Writer

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Brand You

“I didn’t really know what I wanted and how to translate my business and philosophy onto the website. Lidia was so helpful, she asked the right questions, helped me to clear my message, always went extra mile when I needed some advice and help. I absolutely love it and most importantly it clearly represent me and my brand philosophy. I had a lot of compliments about the website and client enquiries, which is a great start for me!”

– Justyna Jelinek, Career Expert at Brand You

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Creative Mind

“It has to be top quality and I now feel my new website reflects all the great aspects of the business so I feel more confident reaching out to high ticket clients with my business proposition. I feel that working with Visuable to transform how I present my business online was one of the best investments I’ve made into it’s future.”

– Jen Wagstaff, Sales Training for Top Performers

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Joyann Boyce

“I am over the moon with what Visuable created for me! I wanted a brand that represent who I am and it's unique to me. Lidia and her team have worked with me to pinpoint the personality of my business and translated it perfectly into designs and photos which are just PERFECT for what I need.”

– Joy Boyce, Founder of The Social Detail

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“Lidia is so lovely and friendly, she made the day of the shoot really fun for me! It felt like having my friends round, having a laugh but resulting in amazing photos for my business. When the day came to an end, I was a little sad that it was over and felt that I already want to do another one!"

— Amy Box

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Shereen Pasha

“I was nervous & overwhelmed initially but Lidia had a step by step plan which really helped me to feel at ease. I'm very happy with the support I received from Lidia and her team. The photo-shoot day went smoothly and I had so much fun along the way! I absolutely love the photos! ”

– Shereen Pasha

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“The day of the photoshoot was so much fun. It was a hilarious day. I posted two new brand photos on social media. instead of getting my usual 200 views, I was getting over 4000 views!”

– Cathrine, The Founder of YogiMoms

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Entrepreneur's Godmother

“Absolutely fantastic. Lidia and the team really understood us and allowed us to feel comfortable when working with them. The photo-shoot day was fun and relaxed and Lidia and her team captured images that truly showcase what we're about!”

– Alison Edgar, Entrepreneur's Godmother

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Jessi Frey

“I loved working with Lidia. She is fun, relaxed and very professional. She provided me with plenty of guidance and inspiration to get prepared before the shoot, so I felt confident that our visions for the photos were aligned.”

– Jessi Frey

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Relax Me Happy

“I was keen to have a website that represented my brand in an accurate and authentic way. I am really, really proud of the finished product. I had lot’s of positive feedback. I didn’t necessarily need lot’s more client’s but I am now getting a nice steady stream of new enquiries.

– Zofie, Relax Me Happy

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Mums Get Fit

“The process was fantastic and I felt supported all the way through. My business was only a hobby before so I didn't have many figures on it.  I currently I get about 1150 unique visitors, 1253 visits and 4615 page views every months which is mind blowing to be honest.  ”

– Christina Andersen, Mums Get Fit

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“Within 3 months after the launch of my website, I was able to transform my instagram side hustle into a profitable full time business!”

– Anna, BeFit4Life

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Vicky Earle

“If you are a freelancer and need a website I highly recommend Lidia of Visuable. Her team not only designed my site but also created my logo, took all the photographs and designed my business cards and flyers. It was incredibly good value for money too”

– Vicky Earle, Founder of My Soul Space

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