Where do your ideal clients hang out?


With more and more social networks appearing in an already crowded virtual space it’s difficult to know where your ideal clients hang out.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat are just a few places they might be. Social media is great for brand awareness, relationship building and customer support but with the very limited amount of time a business owner has on their hands, how do you pick the right network to focus on for maximum ROI?

The problem is that most of the time marketers fail to identify their ideal client persona and this causes a real problem with knowing how to find your target audience.

In this post, I will give you 3 top tips on how to find an ideal social network for your business to focus on and stop wasting time in the wrong places.


Ask directly through a survey

The most obvious way is to simply ask your current clients. The probability is that if your current clients spend most of their time on facebook, then you will find more people alike on there too. You could send out a survey and ask your current clients to rate the networks that they use most and then focus your efforts on the top 2. Haven’t got any clients yet? Take advantage of a paid audience survey option and send out an anonymous survey to a targeted audience to find out where they are and pay for responses.


Conduct competitors' keyword search

Using Alexa, you can conduct a simple keyword search and see what your competitors’ audiences are searching for and also check their demographic data. You can find out things like trends, age, geographical location and gender. Then look into data about social networks and see where these types of audiences usually hang out.


Organise a focus group

If you can find a group of people who are willing to talk to you about their social media behaviors, then organize a focus group. This will give you an opportunity to ask them questions but also you could let them test your product or service and see if they are in fact your ideal clients.

Once you have the results of your research you can focus on being active in their preferred social space. This will help your marketing efforts in 3 ways:


1. You will be targeting the right group = better ROI

2. You will be active in their preferred space = more exposure

3. You will craft your marketing message in the right way = improved accuracy


Brand Audit

Are you confused about your value, identity and positioning?
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