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I have been getting so much positive feedback since launching my website. Both clients and friends have been telling me how “me” my branding feels now and how my website captures my personality perfectly. I’m finally proud to show off what I do. Thank you Visuable!
— Ismene Cole

Ismene is a qualified therapist and transformational coach who helps entrepreneurs, creatives and visionaries believe in themselves, achieve their goals joyfully and create the foundations for a successful life and career. After a bad burnout she decided to change the direction and service range of her business so she needed a brand identity and website that represented her new vision of herself and her business.
We helped her transform her old brand into one that is glowing with her brilliance and represents her personality and values perfectly.


Brand Vision

“For me this is not just a career. Helping you have a successful life and career in a way that is meaningful to you is my passion.I love being able to share the life-changing tools, knowledge, lessons and insights that I’ve learnt from 16 years of my own development. This is my labor of love and I believe - my purpose in the world.” After having grown a lot since starting her first business, Ismene wanted the website to represent who she is now and that showcases the different aspects of herself.

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Brand Design Package

The overall brand vibe that Ismene wanted to go for was one that reflected her high quality services and inspired and empowered others.
”It should feel both effective and professional and warm, intuitive and caring.”
After choosing light, friendly colours and a fitting font with Ismene we designed a logo that incorporated Ismenes’ name and created different social media templates with different icons that she can use on her accounts.

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Brand Photo-shoot with Visuable

We spent the day with Ismene to capture her personality and values in stunning brand photos.



What inspired you to start your business? 

I'm heart-led and believe that we can all live an inspired life but we must be willing to take the leap and follow our inspiration. After 6 years running my counselling business, I felt that call to change how I worked and create completely bespoke and unique experiences for self-discovery, incorporating everything I've learnt both professionally and personally over the last 16 years. I also wanted to be able to diversify and reach people outside of one-to-one work. 


How are you helping your clients achieve their goals?

I offer my clients the support, encouragement and inspiration to go on a exploration of self-discovery, peeling back the layers to find out who they are, what they really want and then create lives and businesses based on their deepest dreams, desires and hopes. I offer them the tools to understand why they are blocking and limiting themselves and how to move forward. Together we create the space for self-belief, we lay the foundations for confidence and then we... 


Why did you choose to get creative with us?

I went to a workshop that Lidia that did and it as like she as speaking to me; she understood the process that I was going through and the vision that I wanted to achieve. 


How would you describe the process/experience/outcome?

It was far more transformative than I had imagined. This was way bigger than a new website, it's been another era and another chapter. I had to dig deep and rediscover who I was, what I was passionate about and what I believed in. 


What responses or results have you received since launching your website?

I've had great feedback, the feel of the website really felt like the essence of me 


Now your new brand is ready, what are your plans for the future?

Finishing the she-den, client work and finding ways I can reach people outside of one-to-one work. 


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