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 Web Design in Bristol for Yogi Mums by Visuable

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At the brand clarity meeting we chatted about my business and I felt that Lidia really listened to what I wanted from the photoshoot and was there to offer additional ideas and suggestions to push our fun concept even further. We wanted to catch the idea that mums are busy but there is always time to squeeze in some yoga. We had the idea of doing yoga in heels and dresses by the Suspension Bridge and against Bristol graffiti backgrounds as I wanted my business to really stand out from other yoga companies
— Catherine the founder of Yogi Mums

When we saw Catharine’s inspiration mood board, we immediately got super excited! The idea was perfect and we were 100% confident that we could create something really interesting and unique together, whilst having tonnes of fun along the way!


Q&A with Catherine  

How could you describe your experience with Visuable?

The day of the photoshoot was so much fun. It was a hilarious day. We used a few different locations and got a huge variety of shots. It was a cold January day and striking yoga poses in a dress and heels on the Bristol Suspension Bridge had us in fits of laughter and I feel like this shines through the photographs. We were lucky enough for the sun to come out for a moment and our venue offered us free brunch, which was an unexpected bonus and the cherry on top of our day. At one point during the day, I was sitting on the wall in the splits when a big group of tourists started taking photos of us - it was hilarious. It was a really wonderful day. We got so much done. Lidia planned and structured the day very well and made sure that we got a huge variety of photos for me to choose from. Lidia was excellent at getting the results I wanted and making me feel at ease - I loved the experience! She was motivational, supportive and had a lot of energy. She is incredibly passionate about what she does and this is what I initially bought into.


Why did you choose to get creative with us? 

I already had a website, but the structure was a bit of a mess, I couldn’t make updates because I didn’t know how to and found my Wordpress platform too clunky and too difficult to use. The website didn’t convey the message I wanted to communicate and it didn't show off my personality at all. All the photos were taken on my phone and rather outdated. There was no vision, message or coherence behind my current brand and I knew that if I was to make the most of my new, iconic images I needed to refresh my online home too. 

We offered to move her to Squarespace, a platform that we specialise in and recommend to all of our clients. Squarespace comes with a simple-to-use, front-end editor and allows you to make updates with ease. If you know how to use PowerPoint or Microsoft Word you’ll know how to use Squarespace. Catherine had plans to launch an online membership platform and a shop with digital downloads in the near future, so being able to update her website herself was a must at this stage! She decided to upgrade to our website package to create an unforgettable experience for her online audience. 


We worked with Catherine to carefully plan all the content she needed on her new website. We ensured to include just the right amount of information necessary to convey who she is, what she is about and all the amazing things that her followers can buy from her. 
We simplified the website structure, created a simple and well-crafted home page to lure visitors through her entire site and pinpointed Catherine’s unique selling points. We also worked to develop her new online shop with video downloads as well as a new membership site – branded as “the coolest, most exclusive online hangout for YogiMums”. Once the website was done, we sat down with Catherine and taught her how to navigate through her website, ensuring sure she knew how to make necessary updates and manage any new subscribers. 


 Squarespace Web Design in Bristol for Yogi Mums by Visuable

What responses/results have you received after your re-launch?

After receiving the edited images I posted two photos on social media and instead of getting my usual 200 views, I was getting over 4000 views. I also had more enquiries on my new website which I hadn’t even officially launched yet; so it goes to show just how important visuals and great design are.


Catherine felt she also needed some help with her digital marketing strategy for her business. 


How would you describe the digital marketin experience? 

After re-launching my brand and website with Visuable, I asked Lidia to help me with my marketing. There are lots of marketing courses available, but I felt that Lidia really understood my business and the way I wanted to go forward. She had been part of my new online journey from the start so I knew I could trust her. Lidia started the brand marketing consultation by assessing my current efforts and explained what was working for my brand and what wasn't. Lidia came up with a 6-month plan on how to leverage my new images to effectively market my business and get noticed by more clients. She also explained how to deliver a consistent visual message that engages my audience, taught me how to take and edit my own photos to supplement my professional collection and gave me an overview of what I need to know to effectively promote my business online. I came away with a 6-month plan, week-by-week strategy and a consistent visual style that now forms the basis of my ongoing strategy. The consultation was super insightful and a really fun yet productive day. I am now confident that I can keep my brand looking amazing as I go forward. The outcome has been brilliant too – it’s been 3 weeks since the workshop and website re-launch, and I am already noticing the difference the newly improved presence has made to my business. I’ve already sold 15 of my online yoga courses, booked 7 new 1:1 clients, and been asked to model for a fitness brand! Plus, I’ve received an astonishing response on my new photos and website, and everybody keeps commenting on how incredible my brand looks now! I could honestly not be happier, thank you Lidia!


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