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Ed is a best selling author and Tedx speaker. He has worked with CEO’s, business leaders, professional athletes and Entrepreneurs. Having sold his healthcare business in which he trained and developed personal trainers and therapist as well as training private clients Ed now resides in Copenhagen. He runs a small consulting business helping companies to build a more resilient work force. Alongside this Ed has built a members programme for time poor business people. He also still coaches on a 1-2- 1 basis.

I felt both important and looked after from the first conversation to the completion of the project and still now. I really feel like Visuable is a part of my team now
— Ed Ley

Q &A with Ed 


What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve worked with really busy business people for 12 years now. I did it from my gym location in Bristol business quarter and I loved it but I started to see how the model suited me more than the client. Travel time, plus 1 hour sessions plus no real time to chat about food, sleep, stress, energy - the best results were kept away from all but those who could see me 3 times a week - That’s effectively half a day lost per week. I started to see that there was a way to have it all but in much less time. That was the birth of my Edflix programme and 1-2- 1 Skype or phone coaching. I didn’t really believe building something like Edflix was possible inside my available budget. I’m so pleased that I found Visuable, they have really helped me to realise my dream both for the project and my life.


What is unique about your business/approach that you would like everyone to know about?

The business is designed to meet the needs of time short business people rather than simply telling them to find more time or care more about their health. Most health businesses are designed around the concept of what to do knowledge. I think that this is rarely the bulk of the issue. I focus on how to create consistent action, I think habit comes first. We have all eaten a meal inline with how we wish to eat or done a workout. The key isn't then what, it’s how to make consistent action.

What are you currently working on or towards?

I am currently working on making my programme the best out there. I think in the end results is the best way to grow the business. Visuable have made this possible. I’ve lost so much time and energy working of technical issues in the past - now I can just place all of my attention on quality content.


What’s your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Keep it simple, start with a niche, show up every day and be so good they can’t ignore you.


Who’ve been some of the mentors/people instrumental to your success?

Dax Moy, Paul Mort, Dan Meredith, Micheal Perez, Tim Ferriss


Where can we find you?

LinkedIn 0a6803b



Why did you choose to “get creative” with us?

My wife discovered Visuable on a Bristol Facebook group. I spoke to a number of people about this new project. The level of understanding of the project, the flexibility, the ideas and the passion that came from Visuable comprehensively out weighed that of any other agency. I would have been mad to go with anyone else.

How would you describe the process/experience?

I felt both important and looked after from the first conversation to the completion of the project and still now. I really feel like Visuable is a part of my team now.

What are one or two key things you learned from working with us?

Keep interviewing, keep connecting, keep searching, don’t settle - the right business relationships are out there but only if you have the courage to turn down those who are ‘almost’ right for you but not quite.

What responses or results have you received from your new brand images/website?

I feel like my business identity just ties in with who I am, I don’t have to worry about whether something is on message. My values and beliefs are the message. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to run a business with that truth behind it.


Now that your new visual brand identity/website is launched... what's next for you? 

To help and many time short business leaders to improve their health as possible.


Is there any last bit of advice you’d like to share?

Freedom from stress doesn't come from what you are doing. It’s an inside job.




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