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As soon as I landed on Lidia’s website I knew I was in the right place! Colour, contemporary design, on-point messaging and each client so clearly differentiated. I fell in love with this work
— Becky Kilsby

Becky is a serial career-changer. Over three decades she's built fulfilling careers in the UK, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, so she understands the art and the science of changing direction – personally, professionally and across continents. Through Freestyle Careers, Becky helps professionals dissatisfied with their current career understand more deeply what makes them tick, what they really want their future to look like, and to build a practical plan to bring this to life.


Q&A with Becky


So Becky, what inspired you to start your business?

I know from personal experience how frustrating and draining it can be to spend the majority of your week doing work that doesn’t line up with your values, interests and talents. It’s exhausting - and it hurts!

I’ve had 3 successful careers and know that change is possible and that it takes energy, support and a proven process to make the shift happen. I also know how wonderful it feels to live a life you have designed for yourself, rather than living to someone else’s template. I was inspired to help others build a life in which they can also thrive – and this is the heart of Freestyle Careers.

What is unique about your business/approach that you would like everyone to know about?

What makes Freestyle Careers unique is the combination of creativity, exploration and action. Many career plans remain just that – plans! At the heart of this is the name – Freestyle – granting permission to step back, look with fresh eyes, dig deep to find hidden ambitions, desires and talents, and then start to bring them to life in a unique and practical design.

My approach is based on four main foundations:

  • My professional experience as a qualified career practitioner licensed to use the successful Firework career-change framework and trained in the CTI coaching approach
  • My own professional  versatility – having re-designed my career three times and been successful in each
  • My global perspective – I’ve moved across continents to create the life in which I can thrive, so know it can happen
  • Each client is different and my approach can be adapted to very different needs, circumstances and locations

What are you currently working on or towards?

I’m working hard to bring my approach to a wider audience, writing career-change articles, which I share through my blog and social media channels, and developing a new Vision Board workshop to run in January – a perfect time for a new start! A Vision Board is a great way into life or career design and helps my clients get in touch with what they really want more of in their lives.

I’m creating a suite of options to suit people who are at different stages of readiness for a career change. This includes my Values Discovery Package, which provides 3 steps to getting clear on what your top values are and to strengthen and activate them in your life. Values guide our decisions and give our lives meaning - the better we know them and the more alive they are in our actions, the more fulfilled we are. Then for those ready to dive into an exciting career re-design, my Career Change Coaching Programme provides a more in-depth process and a supportive environment in which to make it happen.


What's your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

My top advice is simple: Know your why. What is driving you to build this business – what is its purpose, who does it serve and what difference will it bring to your clients? Will the work energise, engage and motivate you to succeed? Will it offer you the right level of challenge? If you know your why and you’re fully fired up, then you’re in a great place to fuel your business, to create something from nothing and re-design and re-create when you need to.

Talk to other entrepreneurs – understand what it means to work on your business at the same time as you’re working in your business. Know what your gaps are – I employ an accountant and have bought in branding and business support services to do the work they are qualified to do so that I can concentrate on my own strengths – coaching career change!

And finally, I’m a big fan of testing and prototyping – how can you try it out in a safe and limited way? Be creative and learn from what you discover – this is design work and you won’t necessarily get it right first time. But it will be taking you closer to the work that fulfils you and makes a real difference to your clients.


Who's been some of the mentors/people instrumental to your success?

During my coach training, I worked with some amazing coaches and felt the immense power of coaching to shift long-held beliefs and reveal new landscapes, possibilities and mindsets. I felt my own strength when I was being coached and knew that to help others achieve similar seismic shifts was my vocation. Whether you work with a mentor or a coach, your growth will increase hugely!


Why did you choose to "get creative" with us?

Personal recommendation! At a local networking event, I met someone whose business card I admired – she told me the designer and photographer was Lidia and to check out her business – Visuable. As soon as I landed on Lidia’s website I knew I was in the right place! Colour, contemporary design, on-point messaging and each client so clearly differentiated. I fell in love with this work!



How would you describe your Squarespace web design experience?

From the first email inquiry to our first Skype meeting, through subsequent planning discussions, revisions, and developments, I felt Lidia just ‘got it’! She seemed to instinctively understand my business and what were important values in what I do and how I wanted this to be expressed visually. When we met for the photo-shoot I felt I had known her forever – I was able to relax and enjoy the experience and we had fun! The photos captured the mood, the feelings and the messages that are central to Freestyle Careers. We even did a little career coaching out driving with the hood down!

As we worked through the process, what impressed me more and more was Lidia’s immense business acumen. Branding is in her blood and as an entrepreneur, she is ambitious and inspiring. Combining strategy with customer service, business ‘nous’ with honesty and creativity, I was both impressed and very satisfied. I have a wonderful website that I’m proud to attract prospective clients to and a much clearer view of my own brand and my business. It’s big learning! I couldn’t recommend Lidia and her growing team at Visuable with more confidence.


What are the one or two key things you've learnt from working with us?

The importance of knowing who my ideal clients are, what their problems, fears and dreams are. Without this, a website might only remain a superficially pretty online pinboard. I also now really understand the importance of where my website sits in my whole communications strategy – I was taught how to manage the site myself and to launch into creating and scheduling my social media campaigns. I’ve enjoyed it all!


What responses or results have you received from your new brand images/website?

I’m thrilled with the feedback I’ve received so far. Comments refer to the clarity of messaging, the attractive colour and design, and that visitors can really understand my business and what I’m offering. From the launch campaign to the day of the launch and beyond – now 1 month old – I’ve had a steady flow of traffic and inquiries. Above all, I’m proud that my website reflects who I am and what Freestyle Careers can offer. I love spreading the word to attract more people to the idea that life can be different, that building a life in which we can thrive is a genuine possibility - and that the first step is to believe it!


Where can we find you online?

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Instagram | Pinterest


Now that your new visual brand identity/website is launched... what's next for you?

Spreading the word!

I’m planning more articles to show how career change is possible and achievable and hoping to publish these on national and international platforms to reach a wider audience.

I’m excited about working more closely with Hubdot – a vibrant and innovative global networking community and to exploring partnerships with some key organisations also working in the career change space.

I’m developing materials specifically for expats moving to new locations (and back again!) and for empty-nesters and pre-retirement professionals who want to design fulfilling futures.

And a Vision Board workshop in January to get 2018 off to a flying, freestyle start!


Is there any last advice you'd like to share?

Yes – believe change is possible and that YOU can design it. If you don’t, who will?

If you need help to get started try my e-guide to ‘Finding Your Flow’ –  6 easy steps to finding the work that engages you, energises you and uses your best talents.


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