Top 3 Website Design Trends for 2018


As we enter into a new year there’s no doubt that some trends we thought were in, are now going to be ‘so last year!’. Web design itself represents the change of time, with technology constantly evolving it’s our job as designers to keep up to date with what’s in and what’s out. We need to know what’s going to attract internet users and how we can create the best, show stopping websites of 2018 for your target audience.

To help you get in the known with where the trends are heading this year, we’ve done our research and found the top 3 Website Designs Trends of 2018. Watch out world, 2018 just got a whole lot better!


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In 2018 the movement through the website is showing up as one of the top trends for the year. Movement techniques provide a subtle yet effective way for a website to flow and interact with the consumer. It can be introduced in many ways - from elegant parallax banners which add depth to your website and put it in motion, through rich experience of video banners to delicate hover-over button animations - 2018 websites are calling for a richer, more sophisticated experience and more user interaction. Smooth, flowing design can help to navigate the user straight to your ‘buy now’ button without them having to put much thought into the process. It helps to create an instant interaction and involvement into the website. This moving trend can overall enhance the visitor experience and help them to grasp your content in a fraction of time.



Visual Experience

The visual trend has been going strong for few years now and in 2018 it’s set to only get bigger and more mainstream. With the rise of visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest where only the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing visuals manage to attract the users attention, it became a new norm to translate this visually enhancing experience into the business websites too. Striking, bespoke photography helps users to understand what the website is about and develop an emotional connection with your business from the comfort of their own screen. Our complicated consumers no longer buy solely into a written list of features and benefits - they now want to experience and imagine what would it be like to use the product or service provider. And there is no better way to help them do that than through bespoke visual content.


Brighter and Bolder

The attraction towards colour is increasingly more effective when browsing the internet these days. Bright, bold statement colours shout out to the viewer, keeping them glued to their screens and the website design.  Bright and bold colours give a fresh look add excitement to the website browsing experience. Whatever colours you may chose remember to make sure you don’t have a complete mix and match of the rainbow. Sticking to monochrome palette and adding a maximum of 2-3 colours to the website usually works best in keeping the look sophisticated and high end. There are several ways to inject colour into your website:


Typography - use punchy colours in website headings and calls-to-action

Buttons - draw your user in and instinctively lead them to click that buy button

Images - embed your brand colours into your imagery to create more fluid experience

Graphics - add blocks of colour or patterns through bespoke graphic design


Final Words

Your website plays an important role in attracting attention of your customers and clients. Keeping it simplistic with a purposeful design will help showcase the most important content of your website, without to many objects and tabs getting in the way. If your website looks simple, with a pleasant colour palette and an easy to navigate experience your visitors will stay on it for longer and be inclined to explore more pages.  

Follow these top 3 trends and you’ll be sure that your customers are clicking in the right direction! If you enjoyed this article, please share it with those who might find it interesting or useful.


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