5 things you need to consider before designing your website


Congratulations! When you are reading this you are most likely starting a business and taking the whole thing seriously enough to create a website for it - or at least think about it.

Even in times of representation of business across all social media, actually having a website for your business is still incredibly important! It is a mean of offering your potential customers a broad spectrum of information about yourself and your company and thus reducing the amount of questions flooding your inboxes and helping you build a connection with your audience. Furthermore it helps you get found by more people through Google Search Results and makes your business seem more respectable.

Before you jump onto the process of hiring a designer for your website - or doing it yourself - there are a few important questions that need to be answered in order for it to actually represent yourself and your business.


What is it that I need to think about?

In the end, all the questions we will ask in this article boil down to one thing: you need to have a solid, thought out brand before you even have a chance of building a cohesive web presence that will sway viewers to buy! You need to have the details of your business (plan) down to a T in order to make sure the message you want to send through your website is actually perceived correctly by your audience.

So without further ado: here are 5 questions you need to have answered before designing your website!

1. Who is your target audience?

It’s great if you’ve got a website representing you. Even better if it also looks good, but if your customer demographic is not drawn to that kind of design or writing style, all the hard work is worth nothing. Make sure you have a clear understanding who your ideal clients are and make sure that the design of your website is appealing to them! Text, images, colours, the more the website visitors feel the product would be perfect for "people like them", the more likely they are to keep looking at your product/service. Be strategic about your Website!

2. Who are you?

Having a great product is amazing, but especially in an oversaturated market it became essential to have a strong brand personality that could differentiate you from your competitors. Nowadays customers expect to be taken on a journey when looking at a website. They expect the magical-website-genies to answer their questions without them having asked them and they expect them answered by a person they deem trustworthy. Small businesses have no other chance but to build a compelling brand personality they can use to take their potential new clients on a journey of solving their problems.


3. What is your unique selling point?

Do we agree that new small businesses are popping up everywhere nowadays? So this question is not only relevant for designing a website, it is also crucial to answer before starting your entrepreneurial adventure. What is it, that makes your product different from everyone elses’? How do you stand apart from your competitors? If you can’t find an answer to that, your amazing new business will probably drown in a bottomless pool of competitors with “unique” products.

Make sure that your product/service solves a customers problem in a way other don’t. Is your solution quicker? More Efficient? A completely different approach? That is what your website message needs to focus on. Everyone reading your copy needs to be blown away by how you manage to solve whatever they needed help with.

4. How do you look?

Even if you already have a great personal brand all figured out, know what you stand for and who you are targeting, do you also have great personal brandING to go with it? Do you have a logo, brand colours, fonts and supporting graphics that are able to convey what you are about to your customers just by them looking at it? A good branding helps you build brand awareness and helps people recognise your business easier (which gives you a higher chance of being remembered and eventually chosen as the product/service provider).

5. How do you WANT to look?

Lastly it is important for you to recognise what you want your business to look and feel like. Your online presence is an expression of the “you” you want to be. The business you are aiming to create. Go for a website copy that oozes the confidence you want to have in your business. Add photos that portray how you always wanted to be perceived. Images like this can work wonders in actually building a business owners self confidence. I’ve helped so many business owners transform into the person they first described as their “ideal me” while working with me, I know you already are that person, you just need to be confident that you’ll get there! Be bold. Be brave. Believe in yourself. And if you have to? Just fake it, ‘till you make it. Believe me, you would not be the first one.

I would wholeheartedly like to recommend Lidia from Visuable, who will help you make your dream a vision and your vision a reality by supporting you through your brand strategy development. Lidia is the best, the most honest and creative person I have ever met.
— Lucie Druitt, Founder of Itsaboo

If the idea of building a brilliant brand still seems kind of intangible to you, but you don’t feel like letting the fear stop you, you’ve come to the right place! Have a look at my Brand Mentorship Programme, in which I can help you with every step of the way until your vision finally becomes a tangible reality!


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