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I had the most amazing experience working with Lidia and her team.
I could not recommend them highly enough.
— Tamsin Acheson, Founder of the Business Haven

Tamsin is a Business Coach helping business owners maintain their identity and integrity whilst finding innovative ways to create business success and growth. Her company provides growth and development opportunities, experiences and support to businesses, whilst making a valuable contribution to the greater community. Tamsin tries to infuse everything she does with honesty, respect, authenticity, openness, kindness and fun. 

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Final Words 

I had the most amazing experience working with Lidia and her team. I could not recommend her highly enough. From the clarity session to the brand shoot she was there every step of the way, helping me push past self imposed hurdles and offering objectivity and solutions. She helped me not only ground my ideas for my brand but also helped me fall more in love with it. She gave me the confidence to really embrace the part I play which is sometimes easy to forget when your business is 100% focused on the success of others! The day of the photo shoot was immense fun and the photographic outcomes are just beautiful. From start to finish an extraordinary experience that holds so many hidden gifts - a definite must for brands where you are your business!
— Tamsin Ancheson, Founder of the business haven

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