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l love working with Lidia! She is so down to earth and a lot of fun :-) Plus, she knows her stuff and l felt she really 'got' what l wanted right away.

Zofie Kucia, Founder of Relax Me Happy



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the problem

Zofie is the Founder of Relax Me Happy, and a woman on a mission. A mission to help you find your Zen in this busy world of ours! Zofie came to us asking to create a new brand identity and website for her business Relax Me Happy. She was looking for a cool, contemporary and classy look and at the same time calm, feminine and delicate feel. Zofie's audience are ambitious stressed out folks who want to get away from the stress of everyday life and relax their mind. 

our solution

We've worked with Zofie to understand and clarify what exactly is her brand about and how she would like to be seen by her online audience. After a 2 hour brand clarity session, we've concluded that the best place for the shoot will be Zofie's house so that we can showcase who she is as a person, outside of her business. We've shot some images of her meditating at the bed, relaxing, reading books, listening to podcasts, journaling and so on. Zofie did a great job at gathering beautiful props such as fresh flowers, candles, books, notebooks that helped us set the mood for the scene. Next stop was at Zofie's garden studio where she sees her clients. Zofie brought a friend along to the shoot so that we could capture images that show her interacting with in a life style scenario - this really brought out her friendly and positive personality. We took to the streets of Clifton Village for the last part of the shoot. We've shot breathtaking images of Zofie meditating on the street, reinforcing her message of "finding your Zen in this busy world of ours". After we were done with the shoot, we've rebuilt her website from the ground up, creating a totally bespoke home on the internet for her beautiful new brand. Zofie's brand is all about head space so we were sure to surround her stunning new images with plenty of white space and minimalistic, contemporary magazine style typography. 

We've created a simple and classy monochrome colour palette supplemented by a gentle touch of Zofie's favourite PANTONE shade - Pale Dogwood. This was the colour that we've used to brand her visuals too by incorporating it into the brand photo-shoot through subtle flowers, outfits, fashion accessories and books. We've redesigned Relax Me Happy logo, using a combination of ultra modern and handwritten fonts to maximise personable, cool and sophistication effect. 


the outcome

I was keen to have a website that represented my brand in an accurate and authentic way... when I was introduced to Lidia, it was clear to me that she got what I was trying to do... it was a relief to me to find somebody that I was confident in... I am really, really proud of the finished product... I had lot’s of positive feedback... I didn’t necessarily need lot’s more client’s but I am now getting a nice steady stream of new enquiries... I am now thinking ‘oh no, not more client’s’!
— Zofie Kucia, Founder of Relax Me Happy

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