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The process was fantastic and I felt supported all the way through.
— Christina Andersen

Mums get fit programmes combine health, fitness and mindset routines/tools to give you freedom to choose what you eat, ditch the diet, enjoy exercise & live a happy and healthy lifestyle. 


Christina came to us asking for a brand photo-shoot package just 2 weeks before moving out from Bristol to get back to her homeland - Copenhagen so we knew the time is of essence! She's been running her business, Mums Get Fit for a while now, things were going well and she was ready to step things up and go pro with her branding. 


We worked with Christina to create a unique brand story for her photo-shoot. We decided to showcase her working behind the scenes in her business as well as an aspirational fitness coach that she is for her community of 2000+ mums who want to get fit! The result was an amazing set of photographs which formed the base for her new brand style.


Brand design

Once the photo-shoot was ready, Christina decided to carry on creating with us! Next project involved creating her entire brand identity including logo, full colour palette and typography style.

Christina wanted her brand to feel calm and relaxed so we've picked pinks, greens and greys to form her palette.

Once this was ready, Christina decided that she can't put her new stunning photos and brand identity onto her old website so she's asked us to rebuild her website too!

We've worked with her to build a new home for her brand on the internet. Christina was launching a membership for her online community so her Squarespace website included a facility for her members to easily sign-up online and access her nutritional and training materials.


The Result

As a result of all the hard work that has gone into this project, we've created a personalised website which was built with mums in mind. Everything from the colour theme, through imagery to content has an aspirational feel to it and just want you to get your trainers on and join the fun! Christina finally has an online presence that feels authentic, natural and perfect for her growing online community of mums, all on a journey to get a healthier body!



What inspired you to start your business?

After having my first daughter Annabelle I found that my body had completely changed and I had gained weight that refused to naturally come off. 

So I started exercising and focussing what food I put in my body. I have always loved to cook but I also found a love for training - something I had never had before. 

I was toying with the idea of becoming a personal trainer as I was feeling a little out of place managing the team at my gym without the ‘proof’ of knowledge.  

I loved training myself, I wanted to see if I would love helping others too… 

So… I set up MGF to get accountability, a place to share my journey and hopefully inspire others to take steps towards a healthier and fitter life. 

I absolutely loved it… 

The response blew me away.  There just wasn't a service out there that didn't talk to people like a stern parent or military general. Just blame blame blame, you have no will power rubbish…

I found that just but sharing my journey and trying to understand theirs I was providing a safe place for real change to happen and it has and continues to do so.  

MGF has taken on a double meaning for me as in the last 3 years both my parents have been diagnosed with cancer and I never wish my kids or anyone else's kids for that matter should go through or feel like I do every single day. 

(my dad sadly passed away 21st March 2017) 

This is what drives me and why I want to help as many mums.  I provide a safe place to ask questions without fear of judgment.  

Each conversation or little tip can help everyone get a little healthier and fitter without having to diet 


Why did you choose to get creative with us?

I had been in Lidia's group for about 6 months and found it really inspirational and helpful. The websites I had seen I loved and felt Lidia and her team understood how to get people's vision across in a beautiful way. 


How would you describe the process/experience?

The process was fantastic and I felt supported all the way through. Filling in the branding paperwork helped me get a much better vision of what I wanted my business to look like.

Their attention to detail throughout the process is what makes them stand out, they take the time to train you so now I can easily add and change things without feeling like I'm going to ruin my website, that for me is invaluable. 


What responses/results have you received after your re-launch?

My business was only a hobby before so I didn't have many figures on it.  I currently I get about 1150 unique visitors, 1253 visits and 4615 page views every months which is mind blowing to be honest. 

The website is mainly used by my members who are taking part in my programmes. My website is used to store my members areas, collect email addresses (I have collected about 800 emails since launching in the autumn of 2017) and provide a resource area for my group.




Where can we find you online?

Instagram | Facebook | FREE Facebook Community


Now your new brand is ready, what are your plans for the future? 

The plans for Mumsgetfit is to help more women become fitter and healthier. I hope to do that by growing the free group and the email list and keep providing more fun and useful resources and programmes that help mums overcome their health and fitness challenges.


A note from Christina: 

I have loved working with Visuable. It has been such a fantastic experience and I have learned so much about myself and my business in the process. I’m so grateful for all the hard work Lidia and her team have put into my website and members area.

I have just launched the members area on my website and I have had an amazing feedback. Lidia has taken the time to listen and helped me find the perfect way to speak to my audience. I cannot recommend Visuable enough - Lidia and her team are so talented, they take the time to listen and work hard to make your vision become reality.
— Christina Andersen, Mums Get Fit

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