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During our photoshoot Lidia did such an amazing job at making me laugh and boosting my confidence even more! She guided me with care and passion about how I could pose and my body language which made me feel so secure and looked after.
— Gosia Scarrott

When I met Gosia a year ago at a business start-up accelerator run by Entrepreneurial Spark, I was very impressed by her passion and knowledge when it comes to style and self image and the way she is able to bring out her personality through her everyday attire. This is something that I've always wished I could do for myself, yet despite being very creative, design conscious and highly visual I've always struggled to apply and translate my visual skills into the way I dress. 

Gosia on the other hand was super capable of creating amazingly imaginative outfits and often showed me how I can achieve really cool looks out of the clothes I already have, how to accessorise and add definition to my look using cool necklaces and make-up and how small changes can really lift the way I look and feel in my own clothes. Yet when I looked at her website to learn more about her and the services she offers I was SURPRISED (to say the least) that this super stylish, imaginative and highly creative woman who changed my approach to style was trying to promote her brilliant service through a website that totally didn't do her any justice. 


Gosia is all about simplicity with character. And her old website? Clunky, un-inspirational and very text heavy with low quality popular stock images compressed to low resolution by her outdated Wordpress template. There was nothing about her website that would EVER make me believe that the woman behind it can transform the way I dress and express myself via style. 


But she did.

And I loved it so much that I've invited her to offer her styling services to my brand photo-shoot clients. To my delight my clients loved both Gosia and the style transformations she've created for them so we've decided to make it into an official collaboration. But before we could launch this fantastic new service, there was one thing that needed to be sorted ASAP.

Gosia needed a website makeover fast. 

So today, I am delighted to be launching Gosia's new website which bursts with her personality and shouts out lout: 


Simplicity with Character

Here is how she describes the experience, how we did it and what she felt: 

"It all starts in self-concept…

Who I am today in my business vs who I was one year ago.

Since last year I have changed as a person and an entrepreneur. I am further in my business and I want to grow and evolve all the time. When looking at my beloved WordPress site I created myself a year ago I couldn’t see how this represent me today.  There was a disconnection because my old website didn’t reflect my brand message in a way I wanted it to be…

I am a modern young woman, passionate about personal growth and style, open minded and enthusiastic who loves simplicity with character. I sell Style not fashion, I sell the formula for how you can feel effortlessly confident in who you are by using versatile wardrobe and a soulful approach to your individual style.

Now, my old website did not reflect this mission. It looked confusing and cluttered, a bit old fashioned to my contemporary taste and most importantly did not communicate to my target audience the essence of who I am and my signature approach.  I needed a simple and timeless design with modern edge. It was important to me that I don't have to rebuild it again in one year. Just like with Personal Style, I wanted a website that never goes out of fashion and which character I can bring out via beautiful photography. I knew Lidia was the perfect person for the job! Her design style and approach was right up my street and she understood very well what my business was about. 

As an Image Consultant who understands the importance of the first impression and image more than anyone I couldn’t afford to neglect my online presence. Hence I decided I need to do something about it as soon as possible before I miss out on attracting my perfect clients.

The main goal I wanted to achieve was to have a contemporary and simple website with minimum effort from my end and a maximum impact. In simple words I wanted to have a new shiny visual brand within a week!

I knew that there was ONLY ONE person who could help me achieve that goal, Lidia at Visuable.

We arranged a coffee in town as soon as possible. Lidia listened carefully to my ideas and brand-concept and asked me many thought provoking questions that helped me get even more clear on my brand message, my target audience and what I want to communicate with my online presence.

I did not have time to research any locations and Lidia helped me massively in finding the best ever location for my speedy photoshoot that shouts everything I am about - “Simplicity with Character”!

It was a small, minimalistic yet edgy coffee shop in Clifton called TradeWind. What a perfect place for coffee junkie like me hehe! I love the fact I was guided by Lidia about what location would suit my vision best. It truly took the whole stress out of the process.

Next thing was to plan my key outfit! Since my brand is all about simple yet unique approach to style and fashion I decided to wear an outfit that sits completely in the context of my brand message. It was a beautiful sunny day so I opted for white skinny jeans, a nonchalant white tee, black waistcoat, quirky brogues and my signature make up/ hair/ accessories. I felt like a million dollar babe purely because I felt 100% myself in those clothes plus the outfit worked perfectly with the minimal surrounding.


I love contrast.

I love to connect yin and yang in one outfit, combine masculine and feminine edge.

The combination of black (evokes strength, power and sophistication) and white (clarity, openness, creative thoughts) creates a powerful yet balanced feel. I wouldn’t feel totally myself without an accent colour! Adding an accent red colour via red lips, red nail polish and my favourite red lip brooch has reflected my dynamic and edgy side.

If you wear clothes that represent the essence of you, girl, your confidence will go through the roof and you will shine!  Just like I felt I shined by being effortlessly confident with myself!

During our photoshoot Lidia did such an amazing job at making me laugh and boosting my confidence even more! She guided me with care and passion about how I could pose and my body language which made me feel so secure and looked after. I believe there is nothing more important on the shoot than the whole experience that your photographer can create for you.

Lidia has an amazing skill of bridging the gap between your brand message and a visual story of who you are in life and in business.

After the shoot she put together a beautiful website, placing all pictures and my content in a very strategic way, clear and cohesive, contemporary and original. Wow, wow, wow I am so impressed, so happy and so much more confident now. It just feels light and safe knowing that now, when my potential clients see my website they get the exact sense of who I am.

There is a full alignment. What you see is what you get ladies! Your visual brand is a promise of what you will bring to the table. Make sure you create this promise in a most authentic and impactful way!

I highly recommend Lidia. She is a top visual brand expert yet approachable, funny and an awesome person to work with. Thanks gorgeous!" Gosia X


First impression of your brand now very often depends on how you present yourself online. A well designed website and quality visual content will help you showcase what you are about and excite and inspire your audience visually. If there is a gap between who you are and how you present yourself online, you might miss out on many potential opportunities. 

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