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I had the most amazing experience working with Lidia and Visuable on my new website!

- Justyna Jelinek


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The problem

Justyna is a Career success coach and woman behind Brand YOU, passionate about helping people create a career and life they love, are successful at and rewarded for. She didn't know how to translate her business and philosophy onto the website and she struggled with expressing herself authentically.


our solution

We’ve worked with her to develop programmes and services and to understand her audience. We worked with Justina to help her understand how to communicate her brand authentically through photos, outfits and locations that she uses to tell her brand story. Finally, we’ve put everything together onto a website that reflect her whole true self!


the outcome

When I first met with Lidia I didn’t really know what I wanted and how to translate my business and philosophy onto the website. I felt overwhelmed with all the information and advice available. Lidia was so helpful, she asked the right questions, helped me to clear my message, always went extra mile when I needed some advice and help. The whole process was so easy and fun as a result and I knew exactly what I needed to do. The photos for my website are beautiful and truly express who I am and what is important to me. My website went live at the end of October. I absolutely love it and most importantly it clearly represent me and my brand philosophy. I had a lot of compliments about the website and client enquiries, which is a great start for me! Thank you so much Lidia and Visuable. I wouldn’t have done that without you! x
— Justyna Jelinek

Where can we find you online?

My new website: www.brandyou-coaching.com

Instagram @justyna_brandyou


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