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I want to say thank you to Lidia for building my beautiful website, I am really proud of how it looks.

- Becky Barnes, Founder of Becky Barnes Style



Web Design in Bristol for Becky Barnes by Visuable

the problem

As a style coach, Becky's job is to enable people to look their best and feel fantastic, through colour analysis, wardrobe editing and personal shopping. Becky wanted her website to be as fabulous as her personal styling services that she offers to her amazing clients.


our solution

We've worked with Becky to create images that showcase her fun, distinct and sophisticated attitude and her beautiful style studio. We’ve then created a website that represents what her business is about and takes the viewer on an inspiring style journey.


the outcome

I had a lot of positive feedbacks in particularly regarding the brand photos. People are saying they really capture who I am, what I do and how it is like to work with me. Also, Lidia has been incredibly flexible and accommodating, she always listened to what I have said so the product that we have in the end, was exactly what I wanted. Thank you Lidia, I can’t ask for anything more!
— Becky Barnes, Founder of Becky Barnes Style

Where can we find you online?

My new website: www.beckybarnesstyle.com

Instagram: @beckybarnesstyle

Facebook: Becky Barnes Style


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