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Starting the process with Lidia was very clear, straight forward and simple, which makes the whole experience a pleasure.
— Amanda Kerin

Amanda is a business strategist and coach who helps female entrepreneurs build a business and create the lifestyle they want. With previous experience as an award winning broadcaster, founder of a successful event's company and a firm believer that 'everything starts with you' she is the perfect person to reach out to if you are looking for somebody to hold your hand whilst you are starting out in business and you don't know which way is up. 


The Problem


Ever since I remember, Amanda has always had problems with her brand and her website. She was always brainstorming for a new company name, searching for a new url and trying to get her website up and running smoothly yet with no real success. When I told Amanda what I specialised in, she was relieved to finally have found somebody who can get her digital presence back on track and all singing and dancing a happy song. 

Amanda had a very good idea of what she wants to do and who she wants to work with when we started working together. She knew she wanted to help female entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey and build their personal and professional expertise so that they can be successful in their business whilst maintaining a lifestyle on their terms. Another asset that Amanda had was her successfully growing and very engaged community of female entrepreneurs.

What Amanda needed was an engaging, consistent and unique visual brand presence that would appeal to her target audience and a beautiful, easy to update website that wouldn't cause her problems or frustration and that would act as the central point for her location independent business that she was building. 


The Solution


We started the rebrand process with Amanda by completing my define your brand process that I send out to all my brand photography + website clients. I always follow with a brand clarity session straight after that. This session is all about getting crystal clear on the target audience, the offering and all the different aspects of the business so that once the website is build it is all about your business - nothing more, nothing less and is strategically put together to appeal to the right kind of audience. The  arm's of Amanda's business are: Coaching Programmes, Retreats, and Networking plus inspirational speaking too. So once we knew who the offer was for, we were able to start brainstorming ideas for the brand photoshoot which would set the tone and style of her new exciting business she was about to launch. 

Amanda is a 'straight talking Somerset girl' as she likes to call herself so it was important to her that the branding photoshoot will take place at a location that is true to who she is and what she cares about. We've decided that the ideal location for her will be the stunning Yoe Valley's own restaurant which is located at the heart of the Somerset countryside. We could not have hoped for a more ideal and beautiful place! 


Brand Photo-Shoot for Amanda 


Squarespace Website Design 

After the photoshoot, we arranged another session during which we mapped out the website wireframe, discussed the creative direction of the design and made sure that Amanda's offering is all clear and that the website copy speaks directly to her target audience. At this stage I had all I needed to start the website redesign process which took a couple of weeks. During that time, I was in constant contact with Amanda, getting feedback and making sure that what I am designing is exactly what she wants.  


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Amanda as she is such a fun and inspirational person to be around. I've asked Amanda to describe her experience of working with me and here is what she said: 

"As a three times award winner and multiple business owner spanning over 20 years, I've always been a high achiever when it comes to my career. At 36, after two side businesses whilst still working, I took the leap of faith and started my own events business. I have learnt a ton about business over the years, until I realised I wasn't doing the work that lit me up! I now focus on inspiring, empowering and supporting female entrepreneurs and creatives to achieve their goals by working on their business strategy through coaching. My business means that I sell myself, so it's incredibly important that I am perceived in an authentic way that represents my personality.

Over the years, the internet has become an influential market place driven by images. The power of an authentic story is portrayed through images. Likewise, the power of your marketing and your brand should be portrayed through images. Visual impact counts in this day and age, especially in business so it's very important to get it right. Rightly or wrong, people make judgements on images. Just observe your own thoughts and you'll know what I mean. Images have visual impact, and no one understands this better than Lidia, the visual magician at Visuable!

Starting the process with Lidia was very clear, straight forward and simple, which makes the whole experience a pleasure. I achieved more than my desired outcome, in fact, it was all a lot better than I dreamt it would be! Lidia kicks off by asking you to complete a self-led branding process, focussing on your brand strategy, values, and your messaging, she will help you get the brand clarity which will ensure that you are both working from the same hymn sheet. Translating this online then brings out Lidia's strategic skills, visual talent and creativity in doing what she does best which is getting your business look awesome online in a structured, consistent and highly visual way.


Before the photoshoot, we spoke about locations, what to wear, and how I wanted my personality to come across to female entrepreneurs and creatives. Lidia recommended a personal stylist, and together they made the photoshoot this incredible experience, which quite frankly, I would love to do again! It was a fantastic day out, I didn't have to do or think about anything, other than changing into a new set of clothes! It felt like a pamper day, you know the ones that come around once in a while as a treat! It felt really indulgent and was a lot of fun!

Lidia really came into her own at the photography shoot, I knew she was already an incredibly talented brand strategist with the work we had already been doing, but the photo shoot really blew me away. This girl has got serious talent and an eye for what looks good! Her joyful, creative flair really comes alive on the day, and you can't help but get swept up in the excitement and vibe of the day.

Having a personal stylist there meant I didn’t have to really think about how I looked as I completely trusted her to make me look fab, and feel like me without all the fuss. I felt really confident and didn’t have to spend the time doubting anything or thinking about how I looked, or whether the various items went together, which is well worth its weight in gold! It meant I could really relax into the day and enjoy the experience. The little touches of make up, hair and accessories finished everything off too, it meant I felt great in front of the camera, and had more fun with it, and overall had a bloody brilliant day out! I forgot about the outcomes of what I wanted to achieve and completely enjoyed myself!

In terms of creating the website, Lidia just gets it, you only need to explain it once, and she understands. Not only that, she brings in her fairy dust and magic wand and makes it look hundred times better than you imaged it would! 

For the visitors, web experience is the most important aspect and they will judge you based on the first impression and this is always at the forefront of Lidia's mind. As you're caught up in a million and one things in your business, and the excitement of how things are coming along, the user experience has long left your mind - but not Lidia's, she knows what works visually from the website visitor point of view, and works with that, and your objectives hand in hand."

Lidia keeps things simple and understandable and does not try to baffle you with web developer speak, which makes the whole experience so refreshing, it’s amazing! This is my first website out of many, that not only functions how I want it to, but also gets my message across in a very clear and consistent way. And it looks better than I ever imagined!

One thing I love about Lidia, apart from her incredible talent, various digital skills, and in-depth knowledge; is that she’s extremely efficient with getting you visible online fast, thus getting you the results you so much need. No more being fobbed off with web developers giving you excuses causing delays - Lidia is all about taking action and getting you results from visual impact.
— Amanda Kerin

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