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Zafra Medical is a medical practice specialized in anti-ageing treatments and advanced aesthetic procedures. Dr Zafra combines all his knowledge and expertise to deliver a unique and individual treatment plan for each patient to improve or restore their natural beauty. Located in the exclusive suburb of Clifton Village in Bristol, the medical centre offers both the most modern medical facilities and an extraordinary level of comfort.

The visual concept of the clinic is nostalgic and French but modern and friendly… Lidia understood and delivered exactly that and made it even better
— Dr Zafra

Brand Vision

Dr Zafras’ vision for Zafra Medical is to offer a personalised bespoke service in a relaxing and exclusive environment to deliver the most advanced global aesthetic and anti-ageing consultation. We implemented Dr. Zafras vision by slightly rebranding his logo, making new bespoke graphics and social media templates, taking his brand photos and building his new website.

Brand Design Package

The overall brand vibe that Dr. Zafra wanted to portray was one that was exclusive, classy, high end and showed his emphasis on advanced equipment and high value results.


Brand Photo-shoot with Visuable

We spent the day with Dr. Zafra to showcase his vision and clinic through stunning images.

I really appreciate what the Visuable team has done with the conceptual idea of my personal branding - it’s finally a reality! We have noticed a significant increase in consultation bookings due to the new design and booking system. Before I could only access my booking system through the backend of my website, which cost me a lot of time. The new one Lidia set up for me lets me not only have easy access through my phone and I-Pad, I can also give access to my assistant and the reception which makes managing my client bookings so much easier to handle.
— Jorge Zafra, Zafra Medical


What inspired you to start your business? 

It has been my dream to be able to open a clinic in which patients can find in one place the most advanced treatments of aesthetic medicine and best anti-ageing consultation. 


How are you helping your clients achieve their goals?

After conducting an extensive medical consultation on their first visit, I create a bespoke treatment plan for their goals which in most cases implies a combination of treatments. 


Why did you choose to get creative with us?

Lidia's capacity of visualising my clinic as a whole, creating a visual journey of the services we have at the clinic. 


How would you describe the process/experience/outcome?

It has been straight forward in the website design, the most enjoyable part has been the photo session in which Lidia was able to capture exactly what I had visualised. 


What responses or results have you received since launching your website?

 Since the re-launch on the 13th of October 2018, my patient's have given amazing feedback saying how easy it is to find information, to book in and how beautiful the website looks now.


Where can we find you online?

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Now your new brand is ready, what are your plans for the future?

 Bring our services to more people and Continue making my patients happy!



Working with Visuable:


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