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It’s been great having Lidia as a marketing consultant for Skylark Media.
— Jo Haywood, founder of Skylark Media

Jo from Skylark Media approached me to provide consulting in order to improve the way her video production company is perceived online. I happily came in to work alongside Skylark team to deliver a 5 day's long Visual Marketing Boost project (that was spread over 5 consecutive weeks). The project was set to include 5 areas to be worked on: integrated marketing strategy, newsletter plan, social media content plan, website revamp, brand photography.

The journey began with me writing up a 5 day action plan with bullet points listing everything that we needed to do for each week. The plan was then sent to Jo for approval, asking her to add anything else that she wanted to go through that was not mentioned. She came back with a few more points and after all was agreed, we confirmed all the dates in our diaries.


Brand Photography for Skylark Media 

On day 1, we started with setting up a new newsletter system and creating a beautiful visual template that can be used for monthly emails. We discussed all elements that a monthly mailer needs to have in order to be engaging and convert her subscribers into clients. We also discussed the overall strategy and how to use her newsletter to push out other content that she creates to her subscriber's list.

On day 2, we tackled social media presence, starting with creating a consistent brand look using backstage images that her team members usually take whilst out filming. It's a great idea to use images of your team on the job as your visual social media elements to give your audience a taste of what they can expect. We've also created an editorial calendar and a bespoke, manageable and versatile social media content plan that can be delivered every week. Since Skylark are a production company, they already have tons of visual content that they can use in their newsletters and on social media.

On days 3&4, we took on their website and created a new, simplified wireframe that made the costumer journey much easier and faster. Since we had a wealth of images and videos on our disposal, it was only right to make great use of them! We used the filmic themed images as banners throughout the website, again giving the audience a sneak peek behind the scenes and creating a professional, Hollywood style experience.

We changed the language that was used on the website to be more persuasive and convey authority and trust in the audience.

We completely revamped the about page explaining clearly the company values and mission and dedication to delight its customers in the best possible way. We made sure that there is lots of calls to action throughout the website prompting viewers to get in touch.

An about page would not be an about page without a mention of what a great team Skylark has. This was my favourite day of working with them as I could actually contribute some great visuals of my own and create a beautiful photographic branding that can be used throughout the website.


Jo is very enthusiastic about supporting charities and living green so it was important to show the social responsibility element on the about page too. H

The portfolio page has got a total revamp too, going from 16 and slightly confusing specialties, into distinctive 8 specialisation areas and a single video technique section explaining techniques and special effects that can be used in all of their projects. The beautiful graphics were made by Joseph who is their residing graphic designer.

The blog page was also adapted to be easy to navigate through and more visual, using image boxes as buttons to click-through to individual blog pages. We have also added an email signup that pulls all subscriber data directly to mailchimp so they can be included in the next monthly newsletter.

Last but not least, the contact page was made friendly and visual, showing a funny jumping picture of team Skylark calling to get in touch with them as they are a friendly bunch :)

Day 5 was all about reevaluating the progress, doing any final touches and making sure that we've achieved all that was set out to do.


In Jo's words?

It’s been great having Lidia as a brand marketing consultant for Skylark Media. She immediately understood our requirements and worked with us to transform how we portray ourselves online; from our new look website to our Twitter page. The new team photos on our website are also down to her. A very talented visual marketeer.
— Jo Haywood, MD of Skylark Media

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