Case Study: Brand Photo-shoot in Bristol | Shereen Pasha


Strategic | Insightful | Creative

I’ve been following Lidia for more than a year and loved her creative spirit.
— Shereen Pasha

Shereen provides online Business Management Support for Coaches, Experts, Therapists & Transformation Professionals. She helps her clients with brand clarity so they can turn their passion into profit! 


Shereen came to us to get some gorgeous professional brand photography to help her business shine online. Being an online business and working remotely with individuals around the world, it is really important for her to build trust and credibility online and professional photos helped her achieve exactly that!




What inspired you to start your business?

1- Motherhood - I wanted to have more time freedom & live a balanced life after working many years in corporate as a web developer & creative marketer.

2- My desire to reach my fullest potential by aligning my natural strengths (creativity & leadership) with my strategic marketing & technical skills.


Why did you choose to get creative with us?

Creativity and self-expression go hand in hand. Being a creative myself I love to create unique experiences - whether its planning and event, shooting a video, learning a new recipe or creating surprises for my loved ones. I've been following Lidia for more than a year and loved her creative spirit. I was impressed how she was able to capture unique brand visuals for all her clients and knew that we can do some creative magic together with collaborative work.


How would you describe the process/experience?

I was in the early first trimester of my second pregnancy when I reached out to Lidia. I was nervous & overwhelmed initially but Lidia had a step by step plan which really helped me to feel at ease. I'm very happy with the support I received from Lidia and her team. The photo-shoot day went smoothly and I had so much fun along the way! I absolutely love the photos! Thank you team Visuable for helping me achieve this important milestone of 2018.


What responses/results have you received after your re-launch?

I've received a great response from my audinece. I feel more confident now and strongly believe that the new visuals clearly portray the essence of my personal brand.


Where can we find you online?

Facebook | Instagram


Now your new brand is ready, what are your plans for the future?

1- Create short but quality content consistently. I've started making 1-minute lessons video series to inspire and educate my tribe around personal leadership, marketing & online business management.

2- Continuous learning & innovation have been the key to my success. Looking forward to keeping up my creative momentum and test new platforms for continuous growth.


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