Case Study: Brand Photo-Shoot in Bristol | Lemonia Properties


Modern | Friendly | Professional

We’re delighted with the brand photos Visuable created for our Estate Agency. They’ve uplifted our online presence and helped our audience see us as genuine and trustworthy consultants. As a result, we’re getting more enquiries through our website and it became easier for us to close the deals. Totally recommended!
— Constantinos, Founder of Lemonia Properties

Lemonia Properties is an Estate Agency based in Cyprus. They pride themselves in providing an excellent customer service to their clients and they wanted a set of brand images that would portray that. We've worked with them to position them as friendly, approachable and professional consultants.

Loved working wth Visuable! They totally got what we wanted to communicate through our photos, helped us best prepare for the photo-shoot by providing a detailed guide and came up with the entire concept and brand story. The photos are amazing, I could not have wished for a better result! Thanks Lidia!
— Kypros, Founder of Lemonia Properties

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