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The shoot went very smoothly and was relaxed and enjoyable - I loved it!

- Julia cawte


Brand photography


the problem

Julia is passionate about helping people reach their true potential. Years ago she worked as a probation officer in London, working with a wide range of offenders and enjoyed the challenge of helping them move from where they were to where they wanted to be.  Since moving to Bristol she coaches many people to reach their personal goals.

Julia came to us because she felt that the photos on her website don't reflect who she is and how it's like to work with her. She wanted a vibrant set of images that would capture the spirit of her sessions, showcase her personality and give her website visitors an insight into how it's like to work with her. 

I chose to get creative with Visuable because I knew the photos on my website were dull and boring and didn’t reflect me or my brand.  I knew Jen Wagstaff had her photos done by Lidia and liked the vibrancy of them so I chose to work with Lidia.
— Julia Cawte, Communications Coach

our solution

We've worked with Julia to understand who she is as a brand and how she wants to be projected. Being an artistic soul, it was important to pick a location that represented her passion. We chose the beautiful Hours Space in Bristol where Julia runs her workshops from. 

I enjoyed completing the questionnaire and the mood board as it was thought provoking.  It was also fun having my hair and make up done for the photoshoot - I think I could have that done more often!  The actual shoot went very smoothly and was relaxed and enjoyable.
— Julia Cawte, Communications Coach

the outcome

Lidia is an awesome photographer and am really pleased with the results! I enjoyed filling out the questionnaire which made me think about the look and feel for my business. And having chosen the outfits, with Lidia’s knowledge, skills and relaxed demeanour, the shoot was great fun with fabulous results. I suggest that if you are in business and want some photos done you pick Visuable.

Have had many people comment on how much they like the photos and I always tell people Lidia did them I use them on my business facebook page and Linked In as well as my website.  I also had more work enquires after putting the photos on my website!  Thank you so much Lidia!
— Julia Cawte, Communications Coach

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