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I loved working with Lidia. She is fun, relaxed and very professional.
— Jessi Frey

I was approached by Jessi, a Bristol based entrepreneur who helps business owners find their voice and get paid for doing what they love earlier this year. Jessi had decided to change direction and transition from growing her business brand to growing her personal brand. Because of that, she needed a collection of lifestyle images that can portray her unique personality to her already growing audience.

We spent sometime planning Jessi's photo-shoot and looking through tons of photos to determine the style that she liked. We made sure that we are both on the same page with what we are trying to achieve.

Jessi was changing her branding completely, transitioning from quite toned down, green and gray graphic, a heavy brand, to a more vibrant photographic branding, full of strong yellows, pinks and blues. We really wanted to incorporate all her new colours into the photoshoot as much as we could so Jessi prepared 3 sets of outfits and accessories that matched her new brand colours.

Jessi also did a great job at scouting for locations and found a place where all her new brand colours can be found in a form of background elements, benches and table tops. Jessi is a tech geek and is growing a digital brand so it was important to include digital symbols that are usually found on the internet. We were very lucky to see lots of #signs and Twitter signs all over the co-working space where we started our photo shoot.


Throughout the shoot, I made sure that I am taking a lot of shots where Jessi is positioned to the side of the frame so that she can use them to create facebook banners and other various headers and visual announcements for her social media, e-books and blogs. 

Last but not last, Jessi used to be a Rockstar in her 'previous life' and we really wanted to reference this very unique aspect of her personality into her brand. This turned out to be a very good move as she now uses it as her USP and references throughout her website. Her current tagline says: "Work like a rockstar! Find your voice & do what you love!". I also really love how she incorporated her 'Rockstariness' into her blogs using e.g. 'The greatest hits of 2015' as blog title. Jessi's new brand is now shining bright, just like she used to when onstage some years ago!

In Jessi's words

Brand Photography for Jessi Frey
I loved working with Lidia. She is fun, relaxed and very professional. She provided me with plenty of guidance and inspiration to get prepared before the shoot, so I felt confident that our visions for the photos were aligned. On the day she worked fast and flexibly, so we were able to just go with the flow and capture moments that worked best. Forget stiff, boring business photos. I would highly recommend working with Lidia, if your looking for something modern and relaxed, that looks absolutely stunning.
— Jessi Frey, Work Like a Rockstar

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