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I recently did a photoshoot with Lidia as part of my branding. I am a florist (@emeraldandjadeflowers), so we had lots of flowers to play around with.
— Fiona Lafon

Fiona is based in Brislington, Bristol and specialise in Weddings, Funerals and Events across Bristol & surrounding areas. It was such a pleasure to help Fiona create beautiful brand visuals that stand for who she is and fully represent what her business is about. 


Q&A with Fiona 

What do you like the most about being a florist?

I believe in living a beautiful life, in every way I can. From small daily events to the big once in a lifetime events, I aim to find beauty everywhere I look. This is why I love being a florist so much. What better way to create and share instant beauty than with flowers?

Clients usually come to me as I am known to love beautiful, bright colours. Having said that, I also love working with softer, more feminine tones too. 


What inspired you to start your business?

I have always loved the creative arts. I am lucky to have grown up in the French Alps with a few years spent in Ireland. This, combined with the fact that I spent a lot of time travelling, lead to my love of nature and green things coming about really early on.

Following the birth of my two children, it became increasingly stressful being part of the corporate world as well as a mother. I love working, and being a working mum. But in my role at the time my salary was being swallowed up in childcare, and I found myself being stretched so thin that it was having an impact on work but also my health, personal life and relationships. In the end, I decided to take a 2 year break to re-evaluate what I liked doing, and what to do next. At the time, I had no idea what would come of it, but it felt like the absolute right thing to do.  What I did know, was that for my next role, I wanted to start up my own business and follow a more creative route. Many different paths lead me to take intensive training course via the fabulous Tallulah Rose Flower School in Bath, and so I have since found my calling as a Florist. As a result, Emerald & Jade Flowers was born.

Emerald & Jade Flowers represents my love for all things green, as well as bright, jewel-toned flowers. I love how different types of green foliage can truly bring out the best in each flower. My style mainly comprises of working with beautiful, bright, bold colours. However, I also like keeping it simple, with lots of foliage and softer, lighter, more romantic influences. Put simply, I love flowers!

Flowers being beautiful by nature, are a quick and easy way to bring some beauty and happiness into anyone’s life. I therefore aim to constantly find new ways to introduce flowers into daily life, as well as into life’s bigger events.

Alongside that, being a florist and my own boss means that I now have a more flexible work lifestyle. I work around my family life, and can take on as much or as little as I like. I can take time to help out with the school or see the children’s plays etc, all while carrying out a job I love and truly reflects my philosophy on life. I know in my heart that I have taken the right path in becoming a florist.

If you are currently planning your wedding, looking for brighter sympathy flowers, would like something different for a child’s birthday party or perhaps a hen do, or even if you simply have a passion for flowers, please do get in touch with me, and connect me on social media. I am always happy to consider new floral projects.



What is unique about your business/approach that you would like everyone to know about?

My clients usually find me as they are told that I love bright flowers, and creating arrangements that are creative and unique. I work in a very visual way. I love seeing beautiful foliage and flowers in nature. When at the market, I am drawn to vivid colours, unusual textures, and sweet senses. I am always taking a closer look, feeling textures with my flowers to see if they are as soft/spiky/etc as they look, and smelling them to find out which ones smell the sweetest. I am always trying out new combinations, and love working with really colourful flowers. I also take great pride in my work, and remain available for my clients for any questions they might have.


What are you currently working on or towards?

I have recently been working on numerous wedding fairs, getting ready for the next wedding season. This is a great opportunity to get creative and show off what I can do. I love attending wedding fairs as I always get to meet new, super talented suppliers as well as lots of lovely couples. Talking weddings is always exciting!

I am also attending the Hub in London in November so can’t wait to be inspired and take my business to the next level.

I have also been working closely with Bristol charities to help provide funeral flowers to people in end of life situations. I will shortly be releasing leaflets setting out the details on this.

Finally, and this is really exciting, I am looking for bigger premises! I am keen to find the right workspace for, where I can have a studio to work in as well as welcome clients to come in and discuss their requirements. So if you know of anywhere, let me know ;)


What’s your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?  

Don’t do it alone. Attend networking groups. Talk about your business to everyone. Get a business coach. Whenever friends of mine tell me they’re thinking of starting up their own business, I get SO excited for them! Once you start, and once you start talking to other people who have done so, you realise that you CAN do it.

And mostly: listen to your instincts. A lot of my decisions have been made by gut instinct, and have worked for me.


Who’ve been some of the mentors/people instrumental to your success?

So many!! I’m bound to forget some… But I have the incredible Laura from Laura Payne Stanley who helped me out as my business coach. She is an incredible, awe inspiring woman who has really helped my business but also help me find peace with myself. So, so amazing!

I also have my friend Sarah from Rosie Shaw Cake Company with who we always talk business over tea and cake (she makes them beautifully and deliciously!). It’s great having someone who’s being doing business the same amount of time as me as we can compare notes and help each other on, and have become friends in the process.

My family, including my husband, parents and siblings, have been amazing. When parts of me wondered if I was crazy starting out like this, they have been nothing but incredibly supportive and loving. Like having my own cheerleading squad.

The same goes for my friends, who always like my photos and posts on social media and recommend me to everyone around them. Having them say such lovely things about my work has made such a big difference!

And lastly, I still think of my godmother and grandparents on a regular basis. They died over three years ago now, so never found out about this new path I took. But they were always so supportive and inquisitive of everthing I did, I know they are looking down on me now and encouraging me in moving forward with my business.


Why did you choose to “get creative” with us?

You came highly recommended in one of the networking groups I was part of. I had also had a beautiful website designed by the talented Becky Lord Design, but was missing fun, beautiful photographs to complete it. Having looked at your work, all your clients looked happy and relaxed, and the photos seemed to really reflect their personalities. I knew then I had to have you create similar photos for me.


How would you describe the process/experience?

It was really fun, and I loved that we bounced ideas off each other and went with the flow. We worked both at my workplace and then at a café nearby, to create a large mix of photos. It felt really natural. I always feel awkward having my photo taken, but I love the photos you took of me :D


What are one or two key things you learned from working with us?

Remaining true to yourself and your branding is really important, and can be done when you find the right suppliers to work with. You completely “got me” and the photos really reflect me and my work. As a result they work perfectly on my website, but also on the various social media platforms I use. I have also used them as backgrounds for marketing products.

Working with skilled suppliers who know what they are on about, really makes the process fun and worthwhile in every sense.


What responses or results have you received from your new brand images/website?

Really, really positive. I notice that I get a lot of interaction when posting your photos online. As mentioned they really match my branding and truly reflect me and my personality, but also my work. I am really, really happy with them and can’t recommend you enough.


Where can we find you online? 

Website   | Twitter                   

Facebook | Instagram              


Now that your new visual brand identity is launched... what's next for you? 

Helping more and more people live a beautiful life, and make more people aware of my love of bright colours.

I am looking to expand into a new workspace, and hopefully get a van too so I can take on bigger events. Lots of exciting projects so keep in touch! ;)


Is there any last bit of advice you’d like to share?

Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it. I used to love my legal career, but when I stopped enjoying it, it had such a negative effect on everything. I have now found a new career path I love and can develop in any way I wish. I love going to the market, love talking to new clients and becoming friends with old clients and other suppliers. I really love and enjoy being a florist. So whatever your business is, enjoy it ♥       


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