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I wasn’t nervous beforehand but it can be scary having a photo-shoot. Lidia is so lovely and friendly, she made the day of the shoot really fun for me! It felt like having my friends round, having a laugh but resulting in amazing photos for my business. When the day came to an end, I was a little sad that it was over and felt that I already want to do another one!
— Amy Box

Amy Box is a singer and a vocal coach who helps her students to harness the potential from their voices with techniques to help them sing powerfully and effortlessly with tonnes of confidence. It’s her JOY to see her clients succeed in expressing themselves and following their dreams whilst singing with healthy, supported and incredible voices.

Amy had a website already but the images she’s used weren’t professional quality. She plateaued with marketing her online courses a while ago and she knew that she needed to change something to make the website and digital marketing work for her business. She then decided to contact Visuable for help.


In her first message to Visuable, Amy said:

“I am working on my business goals for next year and I’d like to put a brand photo-shoot with you onto them. I’ve always admired your work and love the photos you’ve done for other businesses - I know it would be amazing for mine. Especially now I’m a singing coach and my clients will want to see me!”

When we asked Amy what her primary goal was for her brand photo-shoot and the reason behind taking this next big step in her business, she said:

“I know how powerful good images can be for brand identity/recognition and attraction! I’m also, for the first time, selling my skills/knowledge and MYSELF. So I need to feel my most confident and I know that good brand photography will help me achieve this. I want customers to see my smiling face and feel warm and welcomed straight away! Why now? Because I’m READY to invest in my business and make it awesome!”

We were absolutely delighted to be approached by such a totally brilliant entrepreneur who believes in what we believe:

“Telling your brand story visually helps your business succeed faster”.


Each of our photo-shoots starts with an in-depth brand clarity session, for which we ask our clients to fill in a branding questionnaire and create a Pinterest board with inspirations for their desired look and feel.

In our brand clarity session, Amy said that she really wanted to show people that she is warm and approachable and that her teaching style is informative but fun.

She’s listed FAMILY, POSITIVITY AND FUN as her top brand values.

The primary message that she wanted to communicate through her images was that “You can do it! RELAX and have FUN!”

After finding out all we possibly could about Amy, her personality, lifestyle, her business and reviewed her inspiration board, we put together a unique photo-shoot storyline and “to capture” list.

Amy has a brilliant little music studio in her house, which often features in the background of her short videos that she posts on Facebook so it was an obvious decision to use it as a background for her brand photo-shoot. The space was small but super cosy and cute (just like Amy herself) so it was perfect. It allowed us to get all sorts of shots – fun and friendly casual portraits, business headshots as well as action shots singing and playing musical instruments.

Amy did a brilliant job at getting all sorts of music inspired props like a coffee mug, necklace, music books etc. Not to mention the microphone, headphones and a piano that was ordered and delivered just in time for her photo-shoot. It was brilliant to have lots of bits and pieces to use in our session.

Amy asked Becky Barnes, a personal styling coach to help her prepare for the photo-shoot:

“I highly recommend using a stylist as it’s an investment. The styling session was about expressing my personality with my likes and dislikes as well as working out how to look my best with what suits me. The styling session not only helped me prepare for my photo-shoot but subsequently gave me the boost to have a complete overhaul of my wardrobe.”



Amy's Final words

“The biggest impact was on me personally as a business owner. The brand photographs gave me more confidence to promote myself. They are so beautiful, I share them everywhere, all the time as they help me attract the attention of my audience and get more of my ideal clients to visit my website and subscribe to my courses. My website has been totally transformed too – new images gave it a strong, recognisable visual identity and took my online business image to a whole new level.”
— Amy Box

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