May 2018: Define Your Brand Workshop, Studio Insights, Summertime in Poland.

Define Your Brand Workshop

On the 10th of May, I ran my first every Define Your Brand Workshop and took 12 budding business owners through my signature ‘Define Your Brand’ process. My aim was to bring entrepreneurs together in one room to define a strong foundation for business success and benefit from my expertise and peer-to-peer support.

The workshop was attended by business owners at the various stages of their journey including start-up, scale-up and changing direction and from many industries including styling, coaching, wedding, photography, countryside fashion, writing, social media and more!

Some of the attendees were at the very early stage of their business and wanted to validate their idea, define their target audience and formulate their offering. A few had their concept and product and were on the cusp of launching to the world so were looking for guidance with creating a beautiful visual identity that would help them stand out in a saturated marketplace and attract their ideal clients. Others had been operating for years but felt they had lost touch with their brand identity, that it was bland and they needed to revive it and reposition it to regain clarity, focus and vision.

No matter what the problem is with the brand, the answer is always the same. Whether starting out, looking to create an exciting identity or changing direction, one has to define their brand foundation and align their visual identity with it so that they externalise their business concept and communicate what they are about to their ideal customers.

Instant Brand Audit

If you would like an instant brand audit to know which areas of your brand could do with more attention, then I have created a quick and easy online quiz with an instant report! In 9 simple questions (around 3 min of your time) you can assess where you are on your brand journey and what step to take next and understand all of the different components that are needed to create a successful brand.

After you get your quiz results, we’ve provided even more information for you to read through to brush up on your branding knowledge covering everything from ways to pin down your Brand Identity, Brand Personality, Brand Design Style and Strategy!



During the workshop, I took attendees through my ‘Define Your Brand’ process which consists of brand strategy, clarity and creativity elements. It is the exact same framework that I use when working with my 1:1 clients to understand their business better, pin-point their vision and visualise the essence of their brand so that I can translate it into their brand designs, photos, websites and marketing communications. Everything you would need to kickstart your online brand.

In case you’re wondering, here is what’s involved in ‘Define Your Brand’ process:

Brand Strategy — self-led reflective assignments to define the brand value, audience, product range, identity, voice, mission, essence and visual vibe. 
Brand Clarity — a 1:1 consultation to discuss everything in detail and pin-point the exact brand vision that our clients have for their business. 
Creativity — the best part! A fun and collaborative process of translating the brand vision and creative inspirations into a concise Moodboard to visualise the essence of a brand and create a colour theme that perfectly captures the feelings and emotions that our clients want to project to their audience.

And what happens next!? 
Or how can all this be used later?

Once the planning and prep work is done, the brand elements that we’ve defined and visualised are there to be used as a basis for developing the creative brand toolkit. No matter if one is looking to DIY their brand, use their own designer or work with us (which we of course believe is the best way forward), the groundwork will help get focus and clarity to achieve the most accurate result for their vision.

For those who decide to work with us, we have 3 key packages and many ad-ons to choose from when it comes to creating the brand toolkit:

- Brand Design (Logos, colour palette, typography, social media style)
- Brand Photos (A unique set of images that tell the brand story)
- Website Design (an ultimate package with all the above + website)


- Print Collateral (Business cards, flyers, brochures and more)
- Brand Mentoring (ongoing support to keep your brand on track)
- Brand Marketing (bespoke packages to grow your brand online)

I hope this has given you a good insight into what we do and how our ‘Define Your Brand’ process works. 
Back to the workshop.

Lidia Drzewiecka creative director visuable

I really loved helping my attendees to define their brand. The workshop started off with everyone being rather quiet. Then something amazing happened. Once I got people talking about their businesses and we started taking businesses apart from a brand strategy point of view, everyone opened up and told us about their hopes and dreams as well as insecurities and blocks that hold them back from up-levelling their business. The most interesting thing for me was some attendees own view of themselves and their business in relation to how others perceived them and their business.

Many of us have self-imposed views and insecurities that hold us back. I remember very well when I was starting out and didn’t understand the worth and value of what I offer. I would try to sell my services at super low rates, put cheap promotions out and spam my Facebook network with it. I did not understand why nobody was buying from me. Nothing seemed to work. Nothing, until I understood that I needed to define my brand and only speak to people who actually value what I have to offer. This was 6 years and 5 businesses ago. I was so determined to understand the art and science of strategic branding whilst practicing on the 5 previous businesses that I had in the past that in the end I actually cracked the code and became an expert on the topic. That’s what lead me to finally launch Visuable. I now apply all my hard earned learnings to help other business owners alike. This is why I am so passionate about it. It has revolutionised my life and my business!

You need to know your value so that you can project it onto the right people with intention. You need to know who your ideal clients are so that you can come up with the best solution to their problems that will help them achieve their hopes, dreams and aspirations. You need to know what they value most so that you can create a brand narrative around your business that will help tell your story, project your value and attract them to you.

When you do that, something magical happens. You no longer have to chase clients, they will chase you. In fact, if you communicate the value of your brand and the benefits of your product or service to your ideal clients correctly, they will move mountains and cross continents to work with you.

Some clients tell me that when they first speak to me, it’s like I am in their head, reading their mind. Those are my ideal clients who happen to have the exact problem that I’ve created my services for. How do I attract them? I tell stories and project values of my brand through my website, social media, blogs and many other communication channels so that my ideal clients understand that our services are meant for them.

In fact, I am doing it all along in this journal (it’s in my blood now). I am telling you the story of my workshop, you get an insight into what my business is about so that you identify yourself as someone who has the exact problem that we solve and is looking for help solving it. Or not.

Simple (Well not that simple, but totally doable if you know the right steps).

Here are videos with attendee’s insights from ‘Define Your Brand’ Workshop:


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Studio Insights

We had an immense amount of amazing projects come through at the beginning of May which meant that we got to create exciting brand visions for our new clients all month long!

My Soul Space

We’re currently working with Vicky, the founder of My Soul Space which offers a safe and nurturing setting to deeply relax, recharge and recover.

Vicky wanted a brand that would feel fresh, relaxing and soulful so we went for a vision that includes calm and relaxing colour themes, fresh plants and flowers and relaxing and soulful environments.

We’re designing a brand identity, already created the brand photos and have a website on the way, launching in June so keep your eyes peeled!

Brand Vision for My Soul Space

Branding and logo design in Bristol, UK


Engagement Cam

We’re designing a brand for Guy, the Founder of ‘Engagement Cam’.

Inspired by his own rooftop proposal, Guy wished that he had a way of recording his partner’s reaction and capturing the associated emotions for the years to come. So he’ve developed an engagement ring 💍 box with a camera 🎥 on. Aimed at adventurous couples who are looking to re-live that precious moment over and over again, I bet this product will be a must-have for every serious husband to be!

Brand Vision for Engagement Cam

Branding and logo design in bristol

Workplace Wellbeing

We’re currently working with Renée who is passionate about the benefits of workplace health and wellbeing and the effects it has on performance.

Renée has been working in health and wellbeing industry for many years and she now wants to build a well recognised brand with quality people behind it. Her aim is to become the preferred place to go for health and wellbeing training and consultancy and to be an advocate for workplace wellbeing.

We’re working with Renée to design a new iconic brand identity, create a set of images that tell her story and build a website that feels fresh, clear and professional but not too corporate. We’ll be shooting her brand photos by the seaside next week so keep your eyes peeled for the sneak peeks!

Brand Vision for Workplace Wellbeing

Graphic designer in Bristol, UK

Heidi Sævareid

Heidi is famous fiction author from Norway who came to us asking for help with setting up a Squarespace website. After moving to the UK with her husband, she’s decided that it’s time to kick start her career here in the UK.

During our introductory consultation, Heidi decided that she will go ‘all-in’ with us and create a brand identity, brand photos and website design to launch herself as a proper brand.

We loved doing her brand photo-shoot earlier in May. It was inspirational, artistic and a bit mysterious. Keep your eyes peeled for the photo release soon!

Brand Vision for Heidi Sævareid

Branding designer in bristol

Ismene Cole

Ismene booked her ‘all-in’ project with us after our Define Your Brand workshop in January (as part of the CNWM Expert Series by Sarah Cook). We’re helping her to transition from a counsellor into a life coach who helps her clients to live their life with purpose and to the fullest.

So far, we’ve helped Ismene to create a whole new product range, pin-point her new ideal client and create a new exciting creative vision. Launching this Autumn!

Brand Vision for Ismene Cole

Graphic design in Bristol


Summertime in Poland

May was a brilliant month for me at the studio, although extremely full. To relax, I’ve decided to spend the bank holiday weekend visiting my family back in Poland. I only visit home 3–4 times per year so those visits are super precious for me.

To my immense delight, Poland is currently enjoying temperatures of 30C (which is not usual for this time of the year as our summertime starts on the 21st of June).

Since summer came early this year, and summer in Poland is the best, 😍 as we have great outdoors, 50km of lakes at our doorstep and delicious organic fruit and veg season – I had the best time ever!

I’ve been going to the lakes, sunbathing, BBQ-ing and making sausages on a bonfire! I’ve caught-up my family and friends and even created a full marketing strategy and automated systems set-up for my sisters online business empire 😂 (an entrepreneur on holidays right!?).

I was sad that my visit only lasted 6 days, 2 of which I’ve spent travelling. I love the Summertime in Poland so much that I might try to squeeze another visit at the end of June as my friends are planning to hire a boat and cruise the lakes for the weekend 😍

This is your life. The only one you’ve got so enjoy it!

I am grateful that I’ve finally managed to build a business that I love and that allows me the flexibility of living and working anywhere.


About Lidia

Lidia is a passionate, inspirational and transformational Creative Director. Her clients rave about her ability to extract a clear vision, turn that vision into a reality and create an online identity that they are proud to show off.

From an extensive career in marketing, photography and web design to a successful business owner, Lidia is synonymous with innovative, insightful, high-quality work.

Lidia created Visuable in early 2015 and has worked with 200+ brands, transforming their visual identities in a way that has not only lead to business growth but also inspired personal and business confidence.


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