Client Story: Website Package for Jen Wagstaff


Jen Wagstaff is a Director of Creative Mind, a sales training company that translates the mindset, techniques and habits of top performers into practical tools to help you stop winging it and start getting more quality clients.

When Jen started her company 2 years ago, she initially built her own website using pictures taken on holidays and all sorts of occasions. The DIY website allowed Jen to get her company out there but once she reached a certain level of success, she felt her website and images weren’t representing her company at the standard it had grown to – since Jen was now a Sales Coach to top Sales Executives and Directors of large companies, the website really needed to start looking the part.

Jen contacted Lidia with a very simple brief:

I want my website to look piping hot of course, so I thought of you first”

Visuable specialises in helping companies stand out online with highly impactful visual personalities and sleek contemporary websites so Jen’s brief was right up our street!

We’ve worked with Jen to first establish what her desired visual brand identity is. This was done through our Brand Clarity session. We conducted a deep insight Brand interview to find out all about Jen’s needs, wants, dreams and aspirations that she has for her business.

Once we established what Jen was looking to achieve on the business front, we moved to working on creative ideas. We asked Jen to prepare a Pinterest board with examples of design styles and images that she liked – as we always like to make sure that we have an exact understanding of how our clients want their new brand to look and feel like, after all, they know their business best.


The final part of the brand development process was a creative brainstorm exercise where we asked Jen to tell us about her lifestyle and her personality. Here at Visuable, it’s always important to us to express our client's identities in the most authentic way.

The result of our branding session was a totally unique storyline that formed the basis Jen’s photo-shoot and website design brief. One that would authentically tell the story of Jen’s new brand and represent her company in the best possible way.

 “I was quite nervous before the shoot and mildly stressed with lots to prepare. But Lidia made the whole experience a breeze. She’s helped me at every step of the way – from generating ideas for my personal brand story, through sourcing my perfect location to telling me who to contact for personal styling advice. The day itself was fantastic. We had so much fun together taking amazing pictures all day long. It felt like a celebration party for my business with me being the VIP guest, I loved it!
Lidia took so many amazing pictures and I get so many compliments on them. If I could afford to have her by my side all the time, photographing me and making me look great, then I would!”

After the photos were done, we worked with Jen to rebuild her website to make it look “piping hot”, easy to navigate and build credibility with her ideal customers. The improved look has allowed Creative Mind to access and identify with bigger clients.

“The new, improved visual identity and website made me feel more confident as a business owner and helped me increase my business. Your website in like your CV: it has to be top quality and I now feel my new website reflects all the great aspects of the business so I feel more confident reaching out to high ticket clients with my business proposition. I feel that working with Visuable to transform how I present my business online was one of the best investments I’ve made into it’s future”

One of Jen’s objectives was to increase conversions from her digital marketing efforts. Jen writes brilliant and super funny articles where she offers top sales advice but she had trouble getting people sign up to her newsletters which meant she wasn’t reaching many quality leads. We suggested a few improvements to help increase the sign-up rate.

“Visuable had some excellent ideas which helped me grow my email list. After applying their techniques to my new website, I had 50 people sign up to my newsletter in one day! And I already had 6 of them buying my training courses, which is a fantastic result that I did not expect!”
“One thing that I really love about Visuable is the ongoing support. I know that I can always reach out to Lidia and ask for help, nothing is too much trouble. I’ve been so impressed by the entire experience and the results really speak for itself. I keep getting compliments about my brand photos and website and some people even said that they would model their upcoming rebrands on mine”.

We loved working with Jen and we’ve been totally impressed by her training courses. To the point that we’ve started attending regularly! Check them out for yourself and have a browse around Jen’s new website.


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