How to design a great online advertisement

With millions of brands competing for the viewer’s attention make sure your online ads have the ability to break through the noise. In this post, I will outline aspects to consider when creating online ads so that they drive traffic to your website and attract your ideal customers. 


Select images that sell

The image is your most important selling tool. Most people will look at an image and make a split second decision whether or not to open your full ad. Choose an image that is high quality and one that tells a story that will help people to understand what you sell and how. The best images are the ones that create a deep emotional connection between the viewer and your brand.

  • Is it intriguing – ‘what’s this about?’

  • Gives a jolt – ‘Uh?’ this is an image that makes me stop and question

  • Common ground – ‘Oh I recognize that/I think that too’. Show visitors that you share values, location or something else

  • Call to action – prompt the viewer to click on your ad


Construct a great ad heading

Make sure your headline title jumps out from the competition and gets people clicking! If your company name clearly describes what you do, chose a killer title that adds to the 'mood' of your ad and/or how your business works. Could be fun, luxury, great value..think what you would want people to say about you if they were telling someone who you were.


Create ads with your ideal customer in mind

It is important to clearly define your perfect customer before writing your ad copy. Knowing who your customers are, will help you appeal to the exact audience that you are trying to attract.

  • Who are your customers?

  • Why should they choose to buy your service or product?

  • What problem does your product or service solve?

The better you understand who your customers are, the easier it will be to write the right copy.


Make it easy to reach you

Last but not least, your contact details. Make sure to include your email address, social media handles and telephone number to ensure it is easy for the viewer to contact you. It will take a potential customer several points of contact before they buy from you; most people will check you out on your website and social media accounts before even making contact. Your ad gives you the chance to make those steps for the customer really easy especially if you have a range of possibles so they can choose the route they prefer.


Get in touch!

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