Colour Of The Month: Red

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Could we have made any other choice than red as the colour of the month for February?

The month of Valentines Day coupled with the colour of Love? We just couldn’t pass on that!

It becomes obvious pretty quickly that red is a rather ambiguous colour. While we tend to think of hearts and love first, for animals it is usually an immediate sign of danger and caution (as it is for us with stop signs!). But how can you use those different extremes? And which tones of red are best for your business? Let’s find out!

What does Red mean in relation to branding of your company?


Use of Red in Branding

What are the first brands that come to mind if you think of using red in a logo? For us it was Coca Cola and McDonalds (might have been because we were discussing it right before lunch break though 😉). Those two business empires both use red, and it is a common colour in the foods industry. Brighter reds portray a sense of excitement and energy. Studies also show that seeing this colour enhances the human metabolism and stimulates appetite, so what more could a food company wish for?
If you are not in the food industry and still want to use red, there are a few more associations you could make use of with different tones:

  • Lighter reds and pink tones we already talked about last month are more connected with romance, sensitivity, joy and love

  • Dark reds on the other hand often give off a feeling of rage, malice and leadership, but can also be seen as professional, luxurious and demanding (most likely because red was always a colour associated with royalty)

  • Brown’ish reds are usually seen as Fall colours. That is why they often seem serious, sophisticated and comfortable to look at.

So if you think about using red as one of your brand colours, choose wisely. If used correctly, it can prove to be a great asset for your brand, helping you get your message across in a shorter time, if used without much thought, it can easily have repelling effects for customers though.

Here’s one example how we used Red as an accent colour in the social media background for one of our clients: Zafra Medical



 Use of Red in Websites

Now that you have a better understanding of the meanings of different reds, there a  few ways you can effectively use the tone you chose to be part of your brand colours and use it on our website.

The most common or obvious use is a bright red “Buy” Or “Click” button on websites and banners. It never fails to catch your attention, and with the quality of red that stimulates people to make quick decisions, it is the perfect colour for those Calls to  action.

Red in general has a high visibility to the human eye and is therefore always good to highlight texts or photos and bring them into the focus of the viewer. We’ve used red to highlight buttons and headlines on the website we designed for our client Yogi Mums.


Use of Red in photos

In Photography red is often used as a highlight and focus point. Especially with busy backgrounds it can help focus the attention of the viewer on the subject or object and anchor it there. Easy ways to focus the attention on a face therefore are: using elements like red lipstick, red jewelry, a red hat or even red roses close to the main focus object/subject.

But red is not only good give attention to details, it can also be used as backdrop colour. Check out the example of our clients below to see how a solid red background can easily lead the focus to the only different coloured objects in the photograph.

So what’s the takeaway

Red is an extremely versatile colour that can create a whole array of emotions ranging from love to caution and anger depending on the various tones and uses. In general it always catches the eye of people though and is therefore excellent to actively guide the attention of viewers to important pages, words or elements. As most colours it is to be used with caution though, as a too abundant use can have an unwanted effect and unconsciously repell viewers.

Lidia Xx


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