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Workplace | Wellbeing | Expert

Dealing with Lidia and her team were easy to communicate with irrelevant of the distance apart
— Renee Clarke, Work Well Hub

Renée has worked in the health and wellbeing sector for 11 years and is passionate about the benefits of workplace health and wellbeing and the effects it has on performance. Her expert knowledge of the industry has lead her to deliver to some of the UKs largest public and private organisations. She has extensive experience in working with organisations on workplace health issues in a diverse range of sectors and specialises in the development of health and wellbeing strategies/ improvement plans and absence management. By working with key people she is able to offer a wide range of health and wellbeing services to fit all organisations needs.

Having spent the past 5 years bringing up her children and doing no active marketing of her business, Renee now has the space and freedom to grow her brand and her business. Renee wants to build her reputation as an expert on employee wellbeing, performance and retention. Her ambition is to build a successful business that will deliver in line with her areas of expertise! We have loved working with Renee, her new online home looks amazing and we can't wait to see her thrive online!


Brand Vision

"To create a brand that was recognisable, had impact and demonstrated the professional workplace health service we offer."


Brand Design Package

The overall brand vibe that Renee wanted to go for was one that was: modern, professional, contemporary yet friendly.


Brand Photo-shoot with Visuable

We spent the day with Renee in Poole, Dorset to capture her in her environment, both work and lifestyle. 



What inspired you to start your business? 

I had always had an interest in workplace health especially around the psychosocial work environment and its impact on wellbeing.  I was working for the Government when an opportunity came up for redundancy, I jumped at the chance and new immediately what I wanted to do and set about starting my workplace health company.


How are you helping your clients achieve their goals?

We work with business owners and senior managers to improve productivity and retention by cultivating the health and wellbeing of their workforce through consultancy, training and health promotion.
We are passionate about creating healthy workplaces.  We believe that developing a workplace wellbeing culture isn’t rocket science, with a little structure and vision all organisations, no matter what size can create a great working environment in which people thrive not just survive.


Why did you choose to get creative with us?

I had seen an advert for Visuable on facebook and immediately loved the work Lidia and her team produced.  My only concern was with the distance between Lidia in Bristol and us in Poole but Lidia assured me this would not be an issue and she was right.


How would you describe the process/experience/outcome?

Dealing with Lidia and her team were easy to communicate with irrelevant of the distance apart.  Always taking a listening ear to understand what I was trying to achieve with my brand and going back to the drawing board when things were not quite right.  Her patience lead to a great looking website which has received so much positive feedback.  I am now looking forward to seeing how it performs going forward. Great job!


What responses or results have you received since launching your website?

People who come across the site are impressed by its professional appearance and how easy it is to navigate around. 


Now your new brand is ready, what are your plans for the future?

I would like to develop the SEO side of the website so that clients can find us easily when searching for workplace health and wellbeing consultancy and training.... Would love us to be a #1 provider of health and wellbeing interventions!


The Result? 

A clean, modern website that showcases Renee's credibility in the industry and clearly outlines the services she offers. Renee's website comes with events module, allowing her to easily add events as she goes along.

Her patience led to a great looking website which has received so much positive feedback
— Renee Clarke, Work Well Hub

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