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Hiring Visuable to support me through the process of launching my website was one of the best things I’ve ever done!
— Nicola Strudley, Brain Train Me

All throughout her life Nicola has always been focused on supporting other people to reach their full potential. After experiencing firsthand how powerful the mind-body connection can actually be, her drive to help others utilise their mental resources only increased. Now Nicola is working hard, to show others, that we all have the ability to learn, grow and develop no matter how old we are. We helped Nicola develop her brand identity, logo, colour palette, photography and website design so that she can reach people everywhere with her powerful message about training your brain.


Brand Vision

Nicola was looking for a clean, current and relevant online presentation to convey her message and motivate people to lead a rewarding and successful life, by looking after their mind, as well as their body.

My vision is that seeking the support of a counsellor or coach to better understand your brain will be as commonplace as going to see a GP if you are physically sick, going to get a check up with a dentist or optician or hiring a Personal Trainer or joining a gym if you want to get fit.
— Nicola

Brand Design Package

Nicola’s brand Brain Train Me has an overall innovative, approachable and modern brand vibe.

The outcome is a wonderfully crafted delicate logo design and custom graphic backgrounds that add personality to her website and social media accounts. Nicola also wanted flyers and a Roller Banner Design to promote her business in the real world which we've created using the colours, photos and shapes that now define the beautiful consistent Brain Train Me brand . 

Squarespace Webdesign Bristol

Brand Photo-shoot with Visuable


The Result? 

We worked with Nicola to create a modern, memorable and expert looking website, which offers access her services, lets people book onto her workshops and events or sign up to download her free e-book. The website allows for an easy access to make updates so that Nicola can blog, add events and new services as and when she wants to!



What inspired you to start your business? 

Working as a Psychotherapist for many years I was hearing time and time again how people felt bad having to come for therapy - they saw it as a weakness, not being able to cope on their own. I felt a strong desire to shift this perception and wanted to create a business that was fresh, modern, clean, relevant and holistic.


How are you helping your clients achieve their goals?

Brain Train Me allows people to take time out of their busy, hectic schedules to create a space to be able to reflect, think and explore. We can only make changes if we have an awareness of what is going on.


Why did you choos to get creative with us?

I read an article about Lidia in Psychologies magazine. Her story resonated with me, I had a free Skype discovery session and immediately felt at ease. I had a rough idea of the modern, fresh brand I wanted to create but did not have the skills or ability to put it together myself. Hiring Visuable to support me through the process was one of the best things I have ever done.


How would you describe the process/experience/outcome?

The experience can be described as "whirlwind" over the course of a couple of months there were lots of questionnaires to complete, colour palates to agree, logo designs to comment on, a meeting to design a Moodboard, writing the copy for my website, writing blogs in order to establish myself as an industry leader, planning what outfits and props to bring to the photoshoot, establishing social media accounts, writing an e-book, creating accounts to book events, schedule my diary and send people newsletters.  It was fast paced, fun, creative and collaborative. I was a massive learning curve for me and I took so much from working with Visuable. Their youthful energy was like an injection of rocket fuel into my business. It catapulted it into a whole other sphere!


What responses or results have you received since launching your website?

The response to the brand has been overwhelmingly positive. People love the logo, I have been complemented on the brand photos and how they capture the essence of what I do. I remember from day one Lidia said to me people buy from other people, she told me that my website needs to be personal. Initially I felt uncomfortable disclosing so much of my personal journey but it was key to understanding why I believe so much in what I do. Being brave and sharing a bit more has really paid off as people straight away feel a connection or resonate with what I have been through.


Now your new brand is ready, what are your plans for the future?

There is a huge responsibility for me to live up to the fabulousness of the brand now. I am due to deliver my first after school based on growth mindset to Key Stage 1 later this month. If it goes well I would like to get into more schools. I would like to build up a group of people that attend my mindful walks, I am delivering a parent talk which I hope is well received. 

Working with Visuable was fast paced, fun, creative and collaborative. It was a massive learning curve for me and I took so much from working with Visuable. Their youthful energy was like an injection of rocket fuel into my business. It catapulted it into a whole other sphere!
— Nicola Strudley, Brain Train Me

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