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Lidia was imaginative, thorough and professional, and she very quickly understood what I wanted, even when I wasn't being very clear myself!


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the problem

Heidi is a highly acclaimed and award-winning author, translator and literary critic from Norway but is now living in beautiful Bristol. Although Heidi has had many successful years in the writing, she didn't really have a great online presence. We helped Heidi develop her personal branding as a writer, in addition to her logo/graphic design, photography and website design. The overall feel Heidi wanted to translate was: artsy, literary and Scandinavian. We also wanted the brand vibe to be bold, intellectual and open-minded. 


our solution

We worked with Heidi to create unique brand design inspired by her tattoos, iconic photos that showcase who she is without having to say a single word and a bi-lingual website with a blog that allows her to communicate effectively with both Norwegian and UK audiences.


the outcome 

Visuable was recommended to me, and I wasn’t disappointed! I’m super happy with both the process and the outcome.
— Heidi Saevareid, Author and Writer

Where can we find you online?

Instagram: @kniplingsdyr


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