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"Working with Lidia transformed my business image! She's amazing”

- Amy Morse, Author and Entrepreneur


Brand photography


the problem


Amy helps businesses write their way to success. As a published author and an entrepreneur, she managed to turn her passion of writing into a successful personal brand. Amy writes fiction as Amy C Fitzjohn and uses her business start-up trainer background coupled with her superb writing skills to help entrepreneurs formalise their business story in a unique and engaging way and develop better writing skills through 1-on-1 training, blogging and book writing workshops as well as editing and proofreading services. 

Amy’s brand was outdated and lacking imagery that would give her audience and flavour of who she is and what she is about.


our solution


We first met Amy first met up for a discovery session in order to get to the heart of her brand and truly understand how she would like to be portrayed and seen by her audience. Once we got a clear understanding of who she is and what she is about we started brainstorming ideas for "scenes" "settings" and "situations" that we will place her in during the shoot. Amy is creative, arty and quirky and she said she loves to hang out in Arnolfini for coffees and cakes (in fact this is where we were having our meeting in the first place). So we've decided that this is going to be the perfect place for the initial phase of her shoot as it's a familiar place where she feels relaxed and at ease and a place that she would be often seen. 

As we dwelled deeper into the session we discussed who Amy's customers are and concluded that they are people similar to her - people who would like to build their business through writing. This gave us a clear indication that there should be references to books and writing present in her personal brand photographs as this will be something that will appeal and attract them once she shares her images on social media. 

But we didn't want Amy's photo shoot to be just about writing, we wanted to create relaxed and casual images of her that show her personality and attitude. Check out the selection of Amy's 'Authropreneur' images below and also read on as I've asked her to write up the experience of the photoshoot in her own magical writer's way: 

"With my success as an author, and my background in skills training and business support, I started my own business in 2015: Amy Morse, Authorpreneur. I’m passionate about supporting small independent enterprise, and with so much experience in skills training and start up support, at first I tried to offer too much. Using lean business and minimal viable product principles, I experimented with my offer and a few months into the business I realised that I wasn’t being specific enough, or true to the heart of my expertise as a writer. 

The three things I do that bring me the most joy and fulfilment are: writing, empowering and encouraging others and presenting to and facilitating groups; but at the heart of this is stories. What my work is really about is equipping businesses to write their way to success by telling their story. I have always told stories through words, so meeting Lidia of Visuable, who specialises in helping business owners effectively market themselves online using visuals that tell the story of their business was just what I needed to relaunch what I do and effectively tell the story of my own business.


the outcome

Lidia is so much more than just a photographer, she is an extremely savvy entrepreneur and a strategist, who approaches every photoshoot from a marketer’s point of view. Ahead of the photoshoot I met Lidia for a brand strategy session, during which we discussed how I would like to be seen by my audience, who my ideal customers are, and the way to express this vision through my personal brand photographs. We mapped out the ideal locations, the vibe that we want to create in the photographs and discussed how to achieve the ‘author and entrepreneur’ (Authorpreneur) look I wanted.

I’ve been supporting small businesses for many years, and although I talk about all of these things with them, I’ve never been much good at doing it for myself! So it was great to experience the brand strategy session with Lidia, she helped me see my brand from a different perspective. When I first organised my brand photoshoot, I was just going to turn up in my usual everyday clothes. Lucky for me, Lidia soon pushed that idea out of my head. We discussed the importance of my personal style too and how, with the help of personal stylist, I could really reflect the vision I had for my brand in the photographs. Lidia connected me with an amazing personal stylist, who helps female entrepreneurs create an authentic personal style and achieve a natural look that feels true to their character. 

The stylist came to my house before the shoot and we went through my wardrobe, pulling out some outfits and matching up accessories. This was a real eye opener for me. I finally got rid of those frumpy old business suits I’d hung onto ‘just in case’ but hadn’t worn for years! The stylist helped me to see that all I needed was a few key pieces and my whole style could be lifted. Something as simple as a couple of pairs of skinny jeans - instead of the boot cut ones I’d been wearing that didn’t flatter my shape - some funky heals and the right jacket, would breathe new life into all the colourful tops, soft fabrics and quirky scarves I like to wear.

We prepared three outfits for the shoot, and this preparation was vital to the overall success of the photoshoot. Both Lidia and the stylist made me realise that I needed to take some responsibility and wear something that made me feel and look good. This confidence shines out of the pictures.  


the outcome

Lidia is so skilled at what she does, bringing her extensive experience as a professional photographer and marketer together, she created a very unique service. Lidia often says that ‘your brand is you and everything that surrounds you’ and she shows what she means with her carefully planned and perfectly executed photographs that form the heart of her branding, web design and visual marketing agency.
— Amy Morse, Author and Entrepreneur




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