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Fresh | Relaxing | Soulful

If you are a freelancer and need a website I highly recommend Lidia of Visuable. Her team not only designed my site but also created my logo, took all the photographs and designed my business cards and flyers. Plus she helped me nail my pricing, work out my ideal ‘customers’ and she got me going on social media. It was incredibly good value for money too. She’s helped push me out into the world, which was exactly what I needed - thank you Lidia! She also helps promote her clients after the project is complete!
— Vicky Earle, My Soul Space

Brand Vision

My Soul Space offers a deeply nurturing and safe space for individuals who are experiencing pain, stress or overwhelm. The founder, Victoria Earle uses inspirational coaching, energetic and hands on healing and intuitive readings to help you alleviate pain and suffering and regain calmness, balance and happiness in your life.


Creative Brand Vision

Victoria imagined a brand that feels fresh, relaxing and soulful with calm and peaceful colour theme, fresh plants, flowers, crystals and inspiring environments. Victoria wanted a brand that is stylish and contemporary and that will attract busy people who are looking for relaxation and healing. 



Brand Design Package

We translated her vision into a colour scheme that combines deep teal and blue tones to compliment the calm salmon and soft pinks. The outcome is a perfectly crafted delicate logo design, custom graphic backgrounds that add personality to her website and social media accounts and a colour palette that's instantly resonant and recognisable. Victoria needed business cards and flyers to promote her business in the real world which we've created taking the inspiration from her website so that both online and offline brand presence is cohesive and beautiful. 


Brand Photo-shoot with Visuable


Vicky wanted brand photos that reflect the real her so that her customers can get an instant feel for who she is and how it's like to work with her. We worked with Vicky to understand how she goes about her daily life in her business - from working with clients in her practice room, through working behind the scenes at her favourite cafe to wandering around Clifton Village on a day off. We suggested outfits that tie in with Vicky's brand colours to ensure that the photos blend in perfectly with her website design and also give off the 'branded' feel even when viewed on their own.


Web Design Package

Victoria wanted her website to reflect her practice and her personality. It was also important to make sure the potential client has a relaxing and pleasant experience from the very beginning. We designed the website around her gorgeous brand photographs and bespoke graphics placed on multiple different layers creating depth and an illusion of floating. The header of her website matches the green in Vicky's dress creating a perfect juxtaposition of designed and real-life elements.



What inspired you to start your business? 

Having got quite burned out with my existing food and drink business I really wanted a change. I've always been really interested in healing having had a lot of health challenges over the years (recurring glandular fever, depression and chronic back pain). I was already qualified as a life/business coach and Soul Coach and last year decided to train in Soul Healing, a very deep form of energy healing. I decided to put them together as a 'Soul' package to help people heal and transform their health and lives at the deepest level possible.


What was your vision for the brand?

I knew I wanted it to be more than my name as I'd like to grow the business to be more than just 'me'. I knew I wanted Soul and Space in the title as that is what I do - i create a space where people can experience their soul or true essence . I also wanted a soothing, calming and feminine feel to the brand that reflects how I work and what I aspire to embody as a practitioner.  I wanted colours that were on-trend and a fresh and modern look.


How are you helping your clients achieve their goals?

I use a mix of soul-centred coaching, healing and intuitive skills to help you at a very deep level to get go of pain or past difficulties. We live busy lives so my aim is to help you in a relatively short space of time. My methods work at a very deep level so change can occur quite swiftly. My unique approach is to create a very confidential and contained space where you can reveal your true self and totally let go of the outside world. My clients comment on the safe and relaxing space I create. I like to bring a bit some lightness to my work so I mix in a bit of humour if appropriate. I usually work with clients for four or five sessions after which you can expect to experience a significant breakthrough in your health or life issue.  Thereafter you can come to see me when you feel like a ‘top up’.


Why did you choose to get creative with us?

I already knew of Lidia through Women Outside The Box. I absolutely loved the designs Visuable had created for other businesses. I really wanted a site that looked professional - so I could feel confident about my venture from the start - and I definitely wanted a site that I could update myself. The package she offered just totally fitted what I needed: a brand identity, professional photos and images I could use across my site and all social media platforms - and of course the website.


How would you describe the process/experience/outcome?

I absolutely loved that the project was very much client led - Lidia did not impose a brand identity on me but  created a beautiful design from my seed ideas. I'm used to designers trying to impose their ideas quite forcefully so this was very welcome. 

It WAS quite a learning curve - it forced me to really think about what exactly my offer was and working to the deadline was challenging at times  I am also not used to having professional photos taken!  However it was well worth the investment as the brand has really given me confidence to launch my venture. Lidia has also pushed me to really focus on the marketing side of my business as this is woven into her brand design process.


What responses or results have you received since launching your website?

I have had a lot of very positive responses. People seem to love the site and whole vibe of my brand. 


Now your new brand is ready, what are your plans for the future?

I'm taking some time out in October to develop the Soul Coaching side of my business (I've been focusing on healing up until now). I want to create some taster workshops and group courses. I also want to run Soul retreats in 2019 or 2020.  Sign up to my newsletter via my website to find out more!


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