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I bought a brand design package from Visuable and I am over the moon with what they’ve created for me!
— Joy Boyce, Founder of The Social Detail

Joy wants to help people with social media marketing so that they can get the most out of it. Wether you are looking for training, account management or paid ads campaigns, Joy is the social media expert that can help. Joy is supper passionate about what she does and needed a brand that will represent her business in the best possible way and convey the message that social media is fun and simple and can be super effective as a means of generating leads for your business.


Brand Vision

After starting out as a recruitment consultant in London, it was Joy’s work with charities that really opened her eyes to the potential of social media in establishing presence and increasing growth. With an already keen interest in marketing and social media she began to build her expertise. Wanting to develop what she learned into a business, Joy completed the Prince's Trust enterprise course to get the help she needed to kick-start her own agency.

Since then, she haven’t been able to stop living and breathing the online world and using her skills to help others. Nowadays Joy wants to work with as many SME’s as possible and consult them at every step of their social media journey – even if this means she won’t have time to keep her favourite cactus alive.

Creative Brand Vision

Joy wanted a brand that feels like fresh, modern and professional but also approachable and fun, to appeal to her clients and stand out from others in social media space.


Brand Design Package

We've worked with The Social Detail to create a full toolkit of brand assets from logos, through colours to bespoke graphics and a broad collection of bespoke brand icons.

COlour Joy2-01.jpg
typo Soclia detail-01.jpg
I really wanted a brand that represent who I am and it’s unique to me. Lidia and her team have worked with me to pinpoint the personality of my business and them translated it perfectly into designs which are just PERFECT for what I need. Everything looks so good - the logo, the colour palette, the fonts and the image collection. I now have a full brand toolkit that I can use on my website, business card and social media. I love it and totally recommend the Visuable team!
— The Social Detail

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