Case Study: Brand Design and Photo-Shoot in Bristol | Nadine Siebdrat


Caring | Empowering | Joyful 

I cannot recommend Lidia and her team highly enough. They take you step by step to arrive at a clear vision of your brand. Lidia can cut through the confusion and lead you closer toward your goal with such accuracy it’s almost scary. Lidia can magically translate ideas that might not have fully formed yet into something tangible that feels/looks exactly like you’ve envisaged it.
— Nadine Siebdrat

Nadine Siedbrat is a wellbeing practioner and a personal development coach based in Bristol. She uses a warm, nurturing yet fun and professional style to help people inject their life with joy, happiness and energy, so they feel able to step into their power and live their life with courage! 


Brand Design Package

Nadine came to us asking to create a brand that feels empowering, caring and joyful. She wanted the brand to be fresh, full of colour and welcoming. She wanted to give off warm nurturing energy and kindness. 

I love people, I love working with them, I love supporting them and helping them achieve their goals. I love giving, being kind and get deep satisfaction when people feel empowered, leave happy and smiling after a session with me.
— Nadine Siebdrat

We've worked with Nadine to create a full toolkit of brand assets from logos, through colours to bespoke graphics and patterns.


Nadine's Brand Photo-shoot experience with Visuable


"Today was a special day for me. It was the day of my brand photo shoot to give me those professional pictures ready for the launch of my complimentary therapy and coaching business in May. The last two weeks I lived and breathed brand colours, getting outfits in these colours, finding the right style for me, hunting for jewellery in charity shops, booking a hair dresser and make up artist, organising locations for the shoot as well as friends to pose as clients.

A lot of preparation and planning went into the day and I could not have done it without the amazing and lovely Lidia. Thank you for guiding me through the different stages, clarity calls and many emails.

To say I was relaxed about it would be a lie. Still today could not have gone better! After I got back from school drop off, I mooched around the house a bit until the wonderful Jane from Bristol Beauty School arrived to do my make up. I never had my make-up done professionally. Frankly, I hardly wear any normally. So, to have someone put lots of colour on my face felt a bit awkward. Jane did a sterling job - she explained her actions, gave me lots of compliments which made me feel at ease and translated exactly the look I was after. Thank you Jane!"


"Then it was time to pack up the car and get to the first location. We had to improvise as it was too busy and not suitable. The alternative worked out a treat as we found the perfect spot with great light. And then the fun began. It took me a short while to get into a relaxed state but with Lidia's expert help and encouragement it was quite easy. Two hours later and it was all over. Too soon in some ways but also just in time as my energy levels started to drop and I'm sure mine weren't not the only ones.

I feel these pictures, colours and logo represent my brand truthfully. From the first call to the final product it has been an incredible eye opening, amazing, fun as well as sometimes challenging experience. I’m extremely happy with the result and very grateful for all the patience throughout many iterations.
— Nadine Siebdrat
For 2-3 months I lived and breathed brand colours and vision for the business. With the help of Lidia’s guidance throughout the process and especially during the photo shoot I have had such a powerful experience that lifted not only my confidence in my business but also in many other areas of my life. Thank you!
— Nadine Siebdrat

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